All Products v17.0 HF2 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0097596 Switching from a form page with a web area to a form page with a variable makes the variable not enterable. 17 R2
ACI0097900 Unexpected crash when compiling using "_4D compile". 17 R2
ACI0097954 4D Server 64-bit may crash randomly on macOS. 16.4
ACI0098348 After setting "Enable TLS" in user Settings in External File, SQL-connection from client is no more possible. 17 R2 16.4
ACI0098360 It is not possible to sort a listbox collection on a column associated to a field of a related table. 17 R2
ACI0098509 Error using one to many relation while "expose with 4D Mobile.." is deactivated 17 R2
ACI0098515 4D Methods don't return the correct value when we call it via REST (see with Bridge '4D mobile'-Wakanda). 17 R2
ACI0098518 Crash when using 'Object Get font' on a Write Pro area from Form Load.
ACI0098547 Memory leak when displaying a selection or using SELECT * with SQL. 17 R2
ACI0098564 In client-server mode, using 'ds.class.get' with a non-existing primary key value shows an unexpected error #1543.
ACI0098565 Cannot assign undefined value to an array element. 17 R2
ACI0098567 Crash when using 'count()' on an entity selection. 17 R2
ACI0098568 Listbox disabled horizonal line drawn in background color
ACI0098569 Wrong values returned by 'OBJECT GET BEST SIZE' after a change of the content variable: it unfortunately takes into account the whole expression used for the variable.
ACI0098645 "OBJECT Get style sheet" command always returns the style sheet that has ID =0 instead of the assigned one. 17 R2 16.4 HF1