All Products v20.1 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0101038 It may happen that break markers has different name between ruler and property list 20 R2 19.7
ACI0101819 Search for unused local variables does not work correctly with class functions
ACI0102794 'Compile project' 4D command doesn't work when compiling a project using plugins commands 20 R2
ACI0102977 Let that code line "return Path is system". By closing and reopening the method, the word "return" unexpectedly disappears.
ACI0103184 In array listbox, if clicking on a checkbox of a non-selectable row, the content of the last cell clicked may by unexpectedly modified. 20 R2
ACI0103188 Web server fails to start and does not return any errors, if HTTP is disabled in webServer.start() parameters and “Enable HTTPS” database setting is disabled.
ACI0103613 'SQL LOGIN' fails to connect using last release (v3.3.0) of Devart ODBC Driver (for Sybase) 20 R2 19.7
ACI0103660 Using the command "IMPORT DATA" doesn't display the choice of the Tables select 19.7
ACI0103754 When you have a Combobox with font set to "Application font", the height of focus of the combobox candidate is short and top 2 or 3 pixels is cut off 20 R2
ACI0103755 No Focus by 'GOTO OBJECT' leaves the focus visible when moving to next record by standard action 20 R2
ACI0103772 In entity selection LISTBOX, after deselected a row with command 'LISTBOX SELECT ROWS', arrow keys does not select the right rows; instead of selecting the first or last row, the next one after the row deselected initially is selected. 20 R2
ACI0103773 Unexpected behavior when selecting a row in a entity selection listbox with arrow keys or shift key after a query
ACI0103819 'OBJECT GET BEST SIZE ' command doesn't work correctly when applied on Bevel buttons
ACI0103950 Attempt to create a form with a name that already exists throw runtime error (file already exists...) 20 R2 19.7
ACI0103964 Problem with 'Open form window' command when using variables or expressions; they should not be executed/evalated.
ACI0103975 On a macOS system, a long type of a character key may display a choice of other charcater (for instance, type on "u", the choice is "u", "û", "ü", "ù", etc ...). Selecting one fo them may display a wrong text. 19.7
ACI0103979 4D remote on a Windows system may crash after connecting to a project in compiled mode if 4D Server is on macOS system and a 'On startup' database method is used. 20 R2
ACI0103994 'SQL LOGIN' makes 4D application crash if iODBC Framework is not installed 20 R2 19.7
ACI0104002 Literal Object: the object syntax is not always automatically properly formatted. 20 R2
ACI0104013 4D View Pro: Conversion of 'Substring' formula from 4D View to 4D View Pro returns wrong results 19.7
ACI0104017 Type ahead for table name broken when used with a pointer 20 R2
ACI0104021 In a listbox array with "Single click edit " property checked, 'On Clicked' event is unexpectedly called when moving a row 20 R2
ACI0104026 Emptying the 4D Explorer trash that contains a table and a method might lead 4D application to quit unexpectedly 20 R2 19.7
ACI0104029 Compiler error when using property declaration in class 20 R2
ACI0104030 Using pointers with #DECLARE will alter the pointer in compiled mode. 20 R2
ACI0104031 Component classes are not recognised in class property 20 R2
ACI0104037 After an 'SELECTION TO ARRAY', the default type of an array displayed in a listbox is unexpectedly a String array whereas the field is a text; we should have a Text array. 20 R2
ACI0104038 Tool4d may take sometimes 100% of CPU load when used as LSP server with VS Code 20 R2
ACI0104049 Query on calculated attributes thrue a relation with more than one operator do not return expected result 20 R2
ACI0104054 Automatic Size Context Menu in Form Editor fails for Radio Button and Check Box in project mode 20 R2
ACI0104058 4D Write Pro: it does no more calculate and show the values of new inserted user formulas in a document. 19 R8 HF2 20 R2
ACI0104059 4D Write Pro: A page break is automatically inserted before a table if it is added to a subsection that has different horizontal margins from the following subsection 20 R2 19.7
ACI0104061 4D Write Pro: PDF export from 4D Write Pro has a bad char display compared to a printed PDF (several chars are moved on top of each other); it depends of the font. 20 R2 19.7
ACI0104064 The constant ck count values is not recognized by 4D if you switch from method preferences to French. 20 R2
ACI0104067 4D Plugin API: Calling an EntitySelection-Method with PA_ExecuteObjectMethod and parameters leads to crash 20 R2
ACI0104070 A server crash occured when the remote debbuger is activated from the client side (binary database only)
ACI0104071 3D Checkbox/Radio not rendered correctly 20 R2
ACI0104074 entitySelection.length type ahead does not work 20 R2
ACI0104075 OBJECT GET BEST SIZE not returning width for checkbox 20 R2
ACI0104077 If going to new page of a form and the columns of a listbox are deleted and rebuilt when LISTBOX SET AUTO ROW HEIGHT is applied after LISTBOX SET PROPERTY(*; $Name; lk auto row height; lk yes) 4D exits from unexpected way 20 R2
ACI0104078 Tip for commands like 'SVG_Export_to_picture' is badly rendered (HTML <span> tag visible) 20 R2
ACI0104079 On macOS, the tip on a an entity attribute is rendered with an extra blank line 20 R2
ACI0104081 Slowness on "Get system info" due to network drives; Windows system only. 19.7
ACI0104083 If you connect an engined client (v19R8 or v20) to a server using the QUIC network layer for automatic update, you may have an unexpected error -10091
ACI0104084 4D Write Pro: attributes are not changed with the command 'WP SET ATTRIBUTES' when using equivalent values but with a different unit. 20 R2
ACI0104085 ORDA query returns Null or crashes when the 'IN' collection is empty and the query includes OR with multiple INs 19.7
ACI0104087 Interpreter error evaluating ternary expression with collection literal 20 R2
ACI0104089 Object literal in a Formula throws error in compiled mode 20 R2
ACI0104092 When the quick report is open from user mode, the print preview doesn't work. 20 R2
ACI0104093 4D Write Pro: some problems to edit expressions of formula in the 4D Write Pro object
ACI0104097 'Get Monitored Activity' called from several processes in preemtive mode can generate a crash 20 R2
ACI0104100 Depending its value, a picture ID in picture library may have its display cut of; usually by an ellipsis character. 20 R2
ACI0104101 Rounded button title not drawn 20 R2
ACI0104104 The command Get Printable Area shows different results in v20 from v19Rx 20 R2
ACI0104105 Since v20.0, the behaviour of 'GET TEXT KEYWORDS' using "@" as word separator is wrong. It is fixed with v20.1 (the data may be re-indexed). 20 R2
ACI0104106 The First client (4D Remote) connected may crash if, in a second client connected, a method is created outside of the "Top level" folder of the Explorer. 20 R2 19.7
ACI0104107 A check syntax may fail on a code with a pointer on a date field/variable. For instance: "If ($ptr=->$date)". 20 R2
ACI0104109 ORDA Query on calculated attributes through a relation with 3 operators return no result. 20 R2
ACI0104112 4D crashes when calling 'APPEND TO ARRAY' with AL_GetColumnTextProperty as an argument 20 R2
ACI0104114 Can't sort pictures by ID or Name in the Picture library 20 R2
ACI0104115 xliff references on 3D buttons are not resolved correctly 20 R2
ACI0104116 3D Buttons: Icon alignment incorrect 20 R2
ACI0104119 Group box title text is clipped in some cases 20 R2
ACI0104121 4D Write Pro: on some 4D Write Pro dialogs, the 'Cancel' button is on the left instead of being on the right 20 R2
ACI0104124 Bad management of printing at the end of the last page if not all the pages are printed 20 R2