All Products v15.6 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0094242 When adding by programming fields as primary key to a table (Field1 and Field2) the 'Unique' property is not added to these fields. 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0094424 Duplicating a method that ends with a Japanese character results in duplicate names. 16 R5 16.2 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0095136 Method editor: code can be lost when typing something nearby a collapsed loop. 16 R5 16.3 15.5 HF1
ACI0095145 'C_OBJECT' type variables are not mentioned in the generated symbol file after a compilation.
ACI0095659 Automatic update for engined server fails if application name contains an apostrophe. 16.2 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0095913 The "text-align" property is not interpreted correctly by multi-style 4D variable. 17 16.3 HF3
ACI0097005 Unable to delete files in the list-view of ressources (Toolbox dialog). 16.3 15.5 HF1
ACI0097063 A complex SQL query that uses JOIN mechanisms may quit unexpectedfly 4D Server 64-bit when executed several times. 16.2 15.5 HF1
ACI0097135 4D command 'SVG Find element IDs by rect' is not always able to find an SVG picture. 16.3 15.5 HF1
ACI0097282 SQL SELECT CAST (timefield AS TEXT) converts the time value into a number of milliseconds instead of a time string. 16.2 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097346 'Datepicker' widget doesn't display the current date value at first load or when the date is directly entered using the keyboard. 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097357 SVG pictures are displayed improperly in 'Resources' tab of the 'Toolbox' dialog. 16.2 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097426 When enabling the “Display this dialog at next startup” option in the connection dialog of an engined Client, at next startup, the connection dialog is not displayed. 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097457 Automatic update for engined remote application (client) fails if application name contains an apostrophe. 16.3 15.5 HF1
ACI0097484 The MSC XML Log files are not displayed on all browsers because related XSL file is generated as a separate file and not loaded due to security constraints from some browsers. 16.3 HF3
ACI0097623 Boolean field as radio buttons displayed unexpectedly as checkbox after a database conversion. 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097630 4D Remote connection dialog: settings lost in the 'Custom' tab if going to 'Available' tab before. 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097656 Lets a button that shows an alert. Clicking several times on it while the form method takes time to run may prevent to validate the alert (kind of freeze). 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097707 Using region settings from the 'Language & Region' option set as primary in System Preferences is not working when you have more than one language in the list; English language is always used. Only on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). 16 R5 16 R6 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097785 Deleting a corrupted method may prevent to create another new one. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097826 For engined server on Windows, the Server Administration window and the Runtime Explorer don't show the correct icon. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097831 Hitting Space bar no more bring a background current window to the foreground. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097864 Format 'System date short' is not correct en macOS: some digits are missing for day, month or year. 17 16.3 HF3
ACI0097866 4D Server may crash when trying to find a localized string for a process name from SQL Server. 16.3 HF3
ACI0097867 Bad display of windows with 'MODIFY RECORD' when executed in maximised window mode (full screen). 16.3 HF2
ACI0097890 'DatePicker' no longer generates an 'On data change' event when a date is clicked since 15.5 Hotfix 1.
ACI0097986 In compiled mode, the command 'SET ASSERT ENABLED' with parameter equals to 'False' may not always be applied correctly: 'ASSERT' command can still be enabled. 17 16.3 HF3
ACI0098002 A random crash could occur when a menu bar is released. 17 16.3 HF3
ACI0098079 Paths for data stored automatically outside datafile are not correct. Folders are badly named, and not created every 100 records. 17 16.3 HF3
ACI0098120 4D Pop: Unexpected error #3 when loading "4DPop XLIFF.4dbase". Only on system localized for Japanese.
ACI0096532 4D View: Unable to apply a customized format on a cell using the pop-up in the tool bar. 16.3 15.5 HF1