All Products v16.3 HF1 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0094242 When adding by programming fields as primary key to a table (Field1 and Field2) the 'Unique' property is not added to these fields. 15.5 HF1
ACI0095626 Cannot access blob byte via a pointer in compiled mode (For instance "$ptr->{$row}{$offset}"). 16 R5
ACI0095763 Using 'SUSPEND TRANSACTION' and 'RESUME TRANSACTION' triggers error "Transaction is not suspended, so it can't be resumed".
ACI0096573 Missing help tip on listbox after an horizontal scroll.
ACI0096654 Unexpected error #-1 displayed when canceling the saving dialog while exporting data to file.
ACI0096868 The variable 'Document' is not updated with the newly created document path. Only with 64-bit application. 16 R6
ACI0096911 Remote database connection stop button does not cancel the connection attempt.
ACI0097045 WritePro Widget shows an error message when the entered value exceeds the allowed value.
ACI0097129 Bad title displayed in Japanese for the standard action "Quit <app name>". 16 R5
ACI0097173 In 4D Write Pro, pasting a text may paste unexpectedly twice.
ACI0097184 Pie Graph rendering direction is incorrect in 64-bit, starting at 3 o'clock position and sweeping counter clockwise. 16 R5
ACI0097193 Quick Report: the content of a generated cross table is empty.
ACI0097207 The 4D command 'RESTORE' executed with two parameters has wrong text on the "Stop" button: it is written "Restore" instead.
ACI0097303 A breakpoint could not be registered correctly in client/server configuration. A crash could be generated.
ACI0097327 Using 4D 64-bit to connect to 4D Server via LEGACY network displays an incorrect network error message.
ACI0097346 'Datepicker' widget doesn't display the current date value at first load or when the date is directly entered using the keyboard. 15.5 HF1
ACI0097386 First two characters of an HTTP POST Request's body being removed.
ACI0097392 Calling left 'OUTER JOIN' and order by in SQL forces the application to quit.
ACI0097409 Cannot open a ".4dc" file when using the 4D Web Application Server license; an error #10507 is raised. 16 R5
ACI0097426 When enabling the “Display this dialog at next startup” option in the connection dialog of an engined Client, at next startup, the connection dialog is not displayed. 15.5 HF1
ACI0097458 Change listbox background color in form editor with color picker doesn't work.
ACI0097478 Depending of the font (Japanese font), italic character in a hierarchical list is trimmed on the right side.
ACI0097488 Free memory is exhausted when running a 4D Backup roughly equivalent to the size of installed RAM.
ACI0097496 Deleting all transitional characters in IME editor doesn't automatically end editing mode; delete key needs to be pressed 3 more times to continue #Japanese.
ACI0097520 A crash can occur if in a method a table and a field have the same name using SQL with alias.
ACI0097575 Breakpoints may not be registered correctly in client-server mode.
ACI0097581 Ghost Application process may unexpectedly stay after client disconnection is killed.
ACI0097613 The sort thanks to menu command 'Last Used Tables' is changed after 4D restart.
ACI0097623 Boolean field as radio buttons displayed unexpectedly as checkbox after a database conversion. 15.5 HF1
ACI0097630 4D Remote connection dialog: settings lost in the 'Custom' tab if going to 'Available' tab before. 15.5 HF1
ACI0097634 A data verification thanks to the MSC on object fields can generate some unexpected errors.
ACI0097642 A crash may occur while 4D parsing an SQL server request.
ACI0097649 4D may crash when opening a form containing a tab control with a width of 1 pixel.
ACI0097656 Lets a button that shows an alert. Clicking several times on it while the form method takes time to run may prevent to validate the alert (kind of freeze). 15.5 HF1
ACI0097676 After typing Japanese text in cell of listbox and hitting space bar once, the thickness of the underline may be wrong.
ACI0097683 Display of thermometer label is trimmed in form editor with 'Windows classic' theme.
ACI0097697 Impossible to change a listbox cell value with the up and down arrow keys on Mac.
ACI0097700 Unexpected message "bound variable changed" when using the TimePicker object.
ACI0097701 A temporary file is unexpectedly created when exporting an existing method. Only on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). 16 R5 16 R6
ACI0097707 Using region settings from the 'Language & Region' option set as primary in System Preferences is not working when you have more than one language in the list; English language is always used. Only on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). 16 R5 16 R6 15.5 HF1
ACI0097730 Old 4D Write document conversion to 4D Write Pro may fail: a coma (",") becomes unexpectedly a dot ("."). 16 R6
ACI0097738 A blank picture is displayed for a picture in PICT format in 4D write Pro document instead of the crossed camera expected. 32-bit and Windows application only. 16 R6
ACI0097740 'HTTP Request' command returns HTTP status code 200 for an invalid request whereas it previously returned 0. 16 R6
ACI0097760 'UNREGISTER CLIENT' loses connection when the process is postponed.
ACI0097779 Server not responding under certain circumstances when the sleep mode timeout is reached.
ACI0096484 'IMAP_SetPrefs' cannot find directories with umlauts in the name.
ACI0096779 Error #-43 returned by 'FTP_Send' because of some accented characters in the 'localpath'. 16 R6