All Products v16.3 HF2 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0096034 The command 'ST Get content type' cannot be compiled is you pass 4 variables parameters after the object name or object variable.
ACI0096698 Cannot manage 4D Write Pro access rights on 4D Remote unless 4D Write plugin is present in "Plugins" folder.
ACI0097373 Unexpected error #9852 on Quick Report with 4D Remote when a subform of quick report is added.
ACI0097390 4D Server may crash after calling the 'On Web Connection' database method that contains 'QUERY SELECTION' after 'WEB SEND TEXT'.
ACI0097483 4D Server doesn't respond anymore after a lot of simultaneous connection with the 'New network layer'.
ACI0097539 4D Server application may quit unexpectedly when lots of SOAP requests are completed. 16 R6
ACI0097681 4D Server doesn't accept too many postpone reconnections per seconds on new network layer (ServerNet).
ACI0097706 Query editor syntax error if using virtual structure names in formulas.
ACI0097715 Quick Report inserts wrong field if used table contains an invisible field. 64-bit application only.
ACI0097722 Quick Report area 64-bit erroneously required a 4D View license when used in a form. 16 R6
ACI0097726 Canceling printing, the Quick Report does not set 'OK' variable to zero.
ACI0097764 The clipboard is not updated when attempted to copy by doing Cmd/CTRL+"A", and then Cmd/CTRL+"C" while editing in a cell (listbox, form editor Property list palette).
ACI0097778 'BASE64 ENCODE' command inserts CRLF characters every 40000 characters. The new behaviour is that no more CRLF is inserted by the command. If CRLF is needed, it's up to the developer to insert it. 16 R6
ACI0097785 Deleting a corrupted method may prevent to create another new one. 15.6
ACI0097786 Typing in values in RGB slider (from the color picker) in Form editor does not work.
ACI0097787 Type of listbox footer is not preserved when converting a database from a major version to another (for instance, v15 to v16). 16 R6
ACI0097826 For engined server on Windows, the Server Administration window and the Runtime Explorer don't show the correct icon. 15.6
ACI0097831 Hitting Space bar no more bring a background current window to the foreground. 15.6
ACI0097838 Query on scalar attribute object from Wakanda to 4D server do not work.
ACI0097841 Wrong tokenization of constants used by the 'PRINT SETTINGS' command in the french version of 4D. 16 R6
ACI0097867 Bad display of windows with 'MODIFY RECORD' when executed in maximised window mode (full screen). 15.6
ACI0097891 4D Server Administration window cann't be opened via 'Help' menu on Mac platform. 64-bit version only. 16 R6
ACI0097921 Text input caret is always displayed in black even if the background colour is black too, which makes impossible to locate the caret.
ACI0097934 Copy and paste SVG picture from 4D 64 bits to a non-4D application does not work.
ACI0097937 'SET WINDOW RECT' doesn't move the resize icon after changing the form wizzard window size.
ACI0097254 'IMAP_MsgLst' returns error #-120 if an umlaut is in the path name. 16 R6 16 R6
ACI0097882 Time type data is retrieved in a timestamp format instead of usual time format as expected.