All Products v16.3 HF3 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0095913 The "text-align" property is not interpreted correctly by multi-style 4D variable. 17 15.6
ACI0096115 'SET MENU BAR' command executed in 'On Server Startup' database method leads 4D Server to quit unexpectedly. 17
ACI0096866 'LOCKED BY' command shows always "Default" user but never shows the user that results from a call to 'CHANGE CURRENT USER'. 17
ACI0097381 On macOS, in the Page Setup dialog the 'Format For' is unexpectedly equal to "Any Printer" wich causes wrong margins when printing. 32-bit application only. 17
ACI0097484 The MSC XML Log files are not displayed on all browsers because related XSL file is generated as a separate file and not loaded due to security constraints from some browsers. 15.6
ACI0097633 Label editor: with 64-bit application, concatenation of fields with "&" or "%" symbols causes font color change to red. 17
ACI0097834 4D Server Administration window will not reopen if you close it once.
ACI0097853 Wrong appearance of boolean checkbox in listbox (not enterable=enterable) under certain conditions. 17
ACI0097864 Format 'System date short' is not correct en macOS: some digits are missing for day, month or year. 17 15.6
ACI0097866 4D Server may crash when trying to find a localized string for a process name from SQL Server. 15.6
ACI0097895 In the query editor, navigation with the arrow keys on the keyboard doesn't work correctly: there is no scroll. Scroll bar stands still. 17
ACI0097932 Memory leak with commands 'OPEN PRINTING JOB' and 'CLOSE PRINTING JOB'. 17
ACI0097966 64-bit label editor cannot print in landscape format. 17
ACI0097986 In compiled mode, the command 'SET ASSERT ENABLED' with parameter equals to 'False' may not always be applied correctly: 'ASSERT' command can still be enabled. 17 15.6
ACI0097992 On Windows system, TrueType fonts not useable in 4D Write Pro, even though they are scalable. 17
ACI0098002 A random crash could occur when a menu bar is released. 17 15.6
ACI0098037 Cluster Index on object field could be damaged when doing a Sum on a path value. Side effect: 'QUERY BY ATTRIBUTE' may not work correctly. 17
ACI0098042 A freeze of 4D Client as web server can occured if some web requests attempt to read some resources in the structure file. 17
ACI0098079 Paths for data stored automatically outside datafile are not correct. Folders are badly named, and not created every 100 records. 17 15.6
ACI0096656 'IMAP_Search' command is unable to find few messages when the used criteria is "HEADER MESSAGE-ID". 17