All Products v16.3 HF4 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0094683 'QUERY WITH ARRAY' command does not return all the expected records when used against an indexed field with a query array size greater than 1, when using the wildcard character (@). 17
ACI0094811 'RELEASE MENU' executing in the "On Exit" database method may lead to a crash. 17
ACI0097668 Label editor: on a 32-bit application, loading an empty label file makes 4D to quit unexpectedly. 17
ACI0097938 Graphics.dll leads to crash (direct2D) 17
ACI0098025 Japanese IME turns deactivated after a call of 'ADD RECORD' in a button from a form. 17
ACI0098063 Typing a title containing the letter "n" triggers the "open/select report" window on Quick Report 64 bit editor. 17
ACI0098094 Not able to compile when using 'Min' and 'Max' commands applied on a date array. 17
ACI0098098 Localization issue: In 'FR' release, the constant "Web client adresse IP d’écoute" (value 23) is not present and badly replaced by the 'INTL' constant "Web Client IP address to listen". 17
ACI0098107 4D Write Pro: missing check marks in contextual menu after selecting an option. 17
ACI0098129 Loading an object variable using 'LOAD VARIABLES' command, makes 4D quits unexpectedly. 17
ACI0098157 Since ICU 50, prolonged sound mark ("-") is no longer considered as a letter when the database language is set to Japanese. 17
ACI0098165 Existing records with a 4D Write Pro area contain unexpectedly all attributes twice. 17
ACI0098178 'IMPORT DATA' command used with an empty string for the file parameter doesn't display the open file dialog; 64-bit mode only. 17
ACI0098188 Unexpected syntax error "Attempting to retype by using a pointer." with 4D commands 'Min' and 'Max' in compiled mode. 17
ACI0098253 Unexpected error #-20002 with 'SVGTOOL_show_in_viewer' when there is a text with character ‘&’ in the SVG. 17
ACI0098223 4D for OCI constant 'OCI_STMT_DECLARE' was wrongly set with value 39 instead of 9. 17