All Products v16.3 HF5 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0097889 4D Write documents (4W7) take more time to load when converted to 4WP. 17 17 R2
ACI0097912 Using client/server encryption downgrades the web server ssl notation. 17
ACI0098038 Using the arrow key, cursor doesn't move before hitting space-bar key for conversion when typing japanese text. 17
ACI0098179 Export data to file with a form does not display the related fields. 64-bit only. 17.0 HF1
ACI0098184 A problem in the CSS parser exception (brakets considered as a quote) may prevent good conversion of 4D Write expression to 4D Write Pro. 17
ACI0098260 Runtime error message not explicit when XPS Viewer is not installed (for information, installing Windows 10.1803 may remove the XPS Viewer). 17
ACI0098261 In a form opened by 'MODIFY SELECTION', a checkbox in a listbox is non-enterable whereas it should be enterable. 17 17 R2
ACI0098269 Switching the 4D user in 4D Remote thanks to 'CHANGE CURRENT USER' does no more actualize the 4D user column in the 4D Server admin window. 17
ACI0098271 In certain circumstances, 'Undo' deletes too many characters in 4D Write Pro. 17
ACI0098277 Some of the Shield icon in the Form Editor is wrong from what is defined in the preference. 17 R2 17.0 HF1
ACI0098321 Probable crash when MSC check of application with the built 4D Server application. 17
ACI0098342 'HTTP Server' does not take compression level into account. 17.0 HF1
ACI0098376 Objects besides a 4D Write area may not be print with 'PRINT RECORD' or 'PRINT SELECTION'.