All Products v16.4 HF1 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0087085 When you paste in a method a string containing a TAB, the editor ignores it. 17.0 HF3
ACI0098141 Incorrect information while choosing the scroll bar in the list of properties (for listboxes or hierarchical lists). 17 R3 17.1
ACI0098168 Printing listBox with row heights set to 0 may crash 4D. 17.1
ACI0098213 'HTTP Get' command fails on Windows system and returns unexpectedly the error #30 ("HTTP Server unreachable") for some web sites. 17 R2 17.0 HF3
ACI0098384 'LISTBOX DELETE ROWS' will delete the last row incorrectly if the listbox displays control array. 17
ACI0098390 Real and Float data types values are converted to 0 when imported, if they contain a non-numeric character like a space character. 17.0 HF3
ACI0098405 The 'MESSAGE' command does not display the text on an opened window. 17.0 HF3
ACI0098497 Cache memory allocation fails to apply from database settings. 17.0 HF3
ACI0098522 Several "On load" form event unexpectedly triggered on form objects place in another page of the form, instead of being triggered only once. 17.0 HF3
ACI0098537 'ON EVENT CALL' doesn't correctly inform 'Keycode' in some cases. 17.1
ACI0098590 Available Servers tab of for a built application may filter to only display new network layer (ServerNet) instead of both (New network layer, and the Legacy network). 17.0 HF3
ACI0098598 'DELAY PROCESS' does not resume anymore after several weeks of execution.
ACI0098609 Quick report page setup does not keep paper orientation. 17.0 HF3
ACI0098645 "OBJECT Get style sheet" command always returns the style sheet that has ID =0 instead of the assigned one. 17 R2 17.0 HF2
ACI0098674 The 4D command 'LONGINT ARRAY FROM SELECTION' fails if there is an empty selection. 17.0 HF3
ACI0098753 If the command "Print Settings" is called, the % of CPU usage is too high as long as the dialog is displayed. 17.0 HF3
ACI0098762 Choice list in new query editor automatically displayed too early: need to close it if not willing to query on this field. 17.0 HF4
ACI0098770 ACI0098770 : Moving to other application and coming back to 4D with entry filtered listbox will show wrong Japanese IME status. 17.1
ACI0098783 A deadlock can occured on the SQL Server during a brutal 4D Remode disconnection. 17 R3 17.0 HF3
ACI0098799 On macOS 10.14.x (Mojave), unexpected white vertical line is displayed in the Administration window. 17.0 HF4
ACI0098805 Unexpected error "Could not open the specified document because it is already in use" when saving a 4D Write and 4D View file on disk on macOS 10.14.x (Mojave). 17 R3 17.0 HF4
ACI0098806 When the HTTP Request is executing, other processes of 4D are slowed down.
ACI0098926 After a 'paste' in a field having a filter, the cursor is wrongly positioned before the string. 17.1
ACI0098954 Picture are badly rendered in 4D on macOS 10.14.x (Mojave). 17 R3 17.0 HF4
ACI0098969 4D password dialog with 'LoginImage.png' does not hide text beside own icon under 64-bit mode. 17.1
ACI0098997 4D Server become unable to accept new connection after receiving an incorrect client request. 17.0 HF4
ACI0099091 When saving a Write Pro document just after using the command 'ST FREEZE EXPRESSIONS', the font size may be is lost for expressions. 17.1 HF1
ACI0098507 When executing a code containing MSG_Charset (with 'bodyCharset' equals to "1"), and MSG_GetBody on the server side, 4D Server can crash. 64-bit mode only. 17.0 HF3
ACI0098578 Duplicate CRLF despite the use of the following command "SMTP_SetPrefs (0;2;0)" with 0 as value for parameter "lineFeed". 17 R3 17.0 HF3