All Products v16 R5 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0095563 Significant variation between graphing XML created in 4D 32-bit vs. 4D 64-bit. 16 R4 16.2
ACI0095585 Hierarchical Listbox: Scrolling with arrow keys can be erratic after using the command 'LISTBOX SET HIERARCHY'.
ACI0092847 Static text baseline is 2 pixels too high in form editor if the text starts with Japanese. 16.2 HF1
ACI0093293 Search field of method editor does not display history on macOS system. 16.2 HF1
ACI0095626 Cannot access blob byte via a pointer in compiled mode (For instance "$ptr->{$row}{$offset}"). 16.3 HF1
ACI0094424 Duplicating a method that ends with a Japanese character results in duplicate names. 16.2 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0095039 'Type' command doesn't return the same value for a blob array depending the mode is compiled or interpreted. 16.2
ACI0095136 Method editor: code can be lost when typing something nearby a collapsed loop. 16.3 15.5 HF1
ACI0095298 Selecting an item in combo-popup list does not validate Japanese IM edit. 16.2 HF1
ACI0095862 'WA Open URL' on a pdf file with integrated webkit makes 4D to quit. 16.2
ACI0096009 Memory leak with the command 'ST SET TEXT'. 16.2 15.5
ACI0096025 The command 'LISTBOX SELECT ROW' can change the row size of a hierarchical listbox.
ACI0096026 Error #1013 using 'SQL INSERT' with 'ARRAY TIME' from 4D Remote. 15.5 16.2 HF1
ACI0096028 Error #1111 Execution using 'SQL INSERT' with 'ARRAY BLOB' from 4D Remote. 15.5 16.2 HF1
ACI0096039 The 4D command 'SET ABOUT' causes OEM 4D Server to crash when ran as a Windows service. 16.2 15.5
ACI0096073 Automatic drag and drop of picture between objects can take several seconds to complete. 15.4 HF3 16.1 HF2
ACI0096117 Long concatenated non-ASCII text constants are partially lost when converted from v14 to v15 (or to v16). 16.1 HF2 15.5
ACI0096165 4D Server Admin Window Buttons does not working when using English system and English as default language, but select Turkish regional settings. 16.2 HF1
ACI0096237 Multiple clipboards in method editor: lack of consistency about shortcuts information between Help tips and the official Documentation. 16 R4 16.2
ACI0096277 4D Write Pro : a tab stop placed after the first indent and before the left margin is not recognized. 16.2 HF1
ACI0096307 In structure editor, changing the font name has no effect. 64-bit application only. 16.1 HF2
ACI0096320 In the form editor Property list palette, after clicking the Print settings button, and then closing the Print settings dialog, the palette doesn't reappear. Only in 64-bit application. 16.1 HF2
ACI0096601 Modal dialog window have no borders or shaders. 16 R4 16.2
ACI0096625 Unexpected error when attempting to launch 4D from a path that contains non_roman characters. For instance with a "đ" in the path. 16.1 HF2
ACI0096691 'BUILD APPLICATION' command doesn't build 64-bit '.4DC' file if 'Stand-alone' option is checked. 16.2
ACI0096713 License issue: "4D Application Server connections" used counter not reset after a network failure. 16 R4 16.2 15.5
ACI0096722 Bad object name display for 4D Write Pro area in design mode. 16 R4 16.1 HF2 15.5
ACI0096758 'HTTP SET OPTION' command doesn't set correctly the 'HTTP compression' setting. 15.4 HF3 16.1 HF2
ACI0096763 'HTTP REQUEST' command returns error #23 (http server not reachable) when passed by the proxy. 16.2
ACI0096783 4D Write Pro: Bad re-use of the width of the previous cell when using 'WP Table append row' command.
ACI0096790 Checkboxes in a listbox filled with boolean values are not showed if printed. 16.1 HF2 15.5
ACI0096795 SQL LOGIN("4D:[your_db_name]...") syntax generates the error #9918.
ACI0096818 Connection to 4D server is not destroyed when the system goes to sleep and the same user move to a new location with a different IP address. 16 R4
ACI0096835 In some cases application process isn't close on windows server administration when quit 4D client. 16 R4 16.1 HF2
ACI0096836 A project method minimized in Mac OS tray, cannot be brought back using "Goto Definition..." from the Method Editor. 16.2 HF1
ACI0096842 Using arrow keys in the "Connection to 4D Server" dialog doesn’t update the "OK" button state. 16.2
ACI0096853 Let the Horizontal Sizing option of a list box (selection or array) set to 'Grow'. Resizing the listbox while editing in a cell, the edition area isn't sized correctly. 15.4 HF3 16.1 HF2
ACI0096870 Quick report: The Document variable is not updated with the newly created document path; only with 64-bit application. 16.2 HF1
ACI0096871 Using 'HTTP AUTHENTICATE' method with Digest Authentication: URI Mismatch Error triggered for 'HTTP Get'. 16.1 HF2 15.5
ACI0096875 Keyboard shortcut ' Control + "K" ' does not open Explorer when on an empty line. 16.2 HF1
ACI0096876 4D Write Pro underline and linethrough position, and the thickness, are not accurate. 16 R4
ACI0096881 DirectWrite font styles are not supported while printing with 64-bit applications. 16 R4 16.1 HF2
ACI0096886 The 4D Dock icon does not show the list of windows that are open with 4D 64 bits. 16.2
ACI0096890 Impossible to write in 4D View PRO area after canceling a select window.
ACI0096892 When you try to import a '.tsv' file that includes Japanese text exported from an older version of 4D, v16 doesn't recognize the tab correctly. 16.2 HF1
ACI0096931 Can't select listbox rows properly after using the command 'LISTBOX SET ROW HEIGHT'. 16.2
ACI0096937 While scrolling a records list using a form that uses a 'On display detail' event , displaying a pop up menu by right-clicking can unexpectedly quit 4D. 16.1 HF2 15.5
ACI0096943 Scroll to a columns that is right outside of the visible part of the list box and edit a cell of this column; clicking into another cell of this column leads the listbox to jump to the first column. 16.2 HF1
ACI0096957 Method editor: pressing RETURN at the end of splitted line will combine the line. 16.2 HF1
ACI0096971 With 4D 32-bit MAC: design mode unusable opening a form containing a subform with a listbox with automatic column resizing. 16.2
ACI0096974 Unexpected empty confirm window in Toolbox dialog (Resources tab) if deleting multiple items at once. 16.2 15.5
ACI0096978 "Open recent" and "Remote Databases" menu commands display IPv6 address near the database name. 16 R4
ACI0096985 Opened windows are not saved after 4D is closed (test application mode). 16.2
ACI0096997 On Windows 10, depending the system regional settings, 4D Server may not start at launch; for instance with English (Belgium), English (International), ... 16 R4 16.2
ACI0096998 When there are hundreds of tables, it takes several seconds per keystroke to type between 'Begin SQL' and 'End SQL'. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097003 Choice lists in listboxes do not work correctly with time fields. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097006 Unable to select several files in Toolbox Thumbnal-view using 'Cmd' key. 16.2
ACI0097009 "Find in Design" dialog: if the query field contains a value from a previous request, the Ok button state is disabled instead of being enabled by default. 16 R4
ACI0097017 When executing the "WR DELETE OFFSCREEN AREA" command, the memory is not freed on Windows 10.1703 . The system update KB4025342 fixes the problem. 16 R4 16.2
ACI0097020 The Combo box object of 'Find in Design' dialog does not work when pasted a text first time. 16 R4
ACI0097025 When a window at the background containing a selection is been re-displayed, it can switch unexpectedly to the front (Windows system), or remove unexpectedly the focus of the frontmost window (macOS). 16.2 15.5
ACI0097026 Unexpected memory leak when using the 4D command 'Max' with an alphanumeric field as first parameter. 16.2
ACI0097027 When a text field is selected in the search editor, you can not enter an alphanumeric value because 4D indicates who is waiting for a numeric value. 16 R4
ACI0097031 'BLOB to print settings' does not load the information of the print range. 16.2
ACI0097034 'SQL EXECUTE' fails to execute correctly an 'INSERT' instruction when a value contains brackets. 16.2
ACI0097052 Quick report: Invisible columns width are unexpectedly taking into account for the calculation of a report. 16.2 15.5
ACI0097053 'On close connection' could not be executed completely. 16 R4 16.2
ACI0097059 Selecting a table in the tables list after scrolling it doesn't work correctly. 16.2
ACI0097063 A complex SQL query that uses JOIN mechanisms may quit unexpectedfly 4D Server 64-bit when executed several times. 16.2 15.5 HF1
ACI0097078 In the Method editor, "Find"+" "+Tab no more display the suggested list of completed commands. 16 R4
ACI0097082 Depending of the Japanese font used, in a variable, if the text ends with a soft-hyphen character (which is not recommended), an unexpected 'dust' character appears. 15.5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097086 Non https urls doesn't work with the command 'WA OPEN URL' when "Use embedded Web rendering engine" is deactivated. 16 R4
ACI0097089 The command 'SET ALLOWED METHODS' doesn't work on 4D Server. 16.2
ACI0097094 4D Label Editor x64: Error dialog after right click on picture field if a ".4lb" label elditor file is used. 64-bit version only. 16.2
ACI0097101 When quitting a 32 bits engined application, it may interrupt itself unexpectedly just before displaying the sponsored dialog. 16 R4
ACI0097108 Changing a cell attribute in the report editor throws an unexpected error. 16 R4
ACI0097113 Compilation error "types are not compatible ..." when using the expression "($txt*26)" concatenated with the function 'String'. 16 R4
ACI0097124 When creating a new database on Windows system with 4D Server 64-bit, an error #1010 may be generated. 15.5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097127 'On data change' event is unexpectedly triggered when tabbing out of a combobox whereas no value has been entered ; this happens if this object is the first object of the form entry order. 16.2 15.5
ACI0097128 Menu items icons associated in the Menu editor do not appear. Only in 64-bit mode. 16 R4 16.2
ACI0097129 Bad title displayed in Japanese for the standard action "Quit <app name>". 16.3 HF1
ACI0097138 Apostrophe character not correctly display after using 'SVG_New_text'. 16 R4
ACI0097158 Structure editor field name invisible in edit mode on Mac Retina (64bit only). 16 R4
ACI0097160 Hover the mouse over multistate picture buttons doesn't change picture correctly. 16 R4 16.2
ACI0097168 4D crashes when calling 'PRINT OPTION VALUES' twice in 64-bit mode. 16 R4
ACI0097172 When we insert an image in a listbox the part of the line is deleted when the image is larger than the line.
ACI0097173 In 4D Write Pro, pasting a text may paste unexpectedly twice. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097179 Client is unable to get updated image from custom external data path without database/server restarted. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097183 Arabic text data entry: the selection's color is an invisible color. 16 R4
ACI0097184 Pie Graph rendering direction is incorrect in 64-bit, starting at 3 o'clock position and sweeping counter clockwise. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097201 Memory leak with SQL SELECT...ORDER BY on macOS system when the sort is done on a text column. 15.5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097216 Crash when closing a form after duplicating an object with inherited form.
ACI0097219 Following commands, 'ERASE WINDOW', 'GOTO XY' and 'MESSAGE', may crash 4D when used in 'On load' event of a form. Only in 64-bit mode, and only on macOS. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097223 In an embedded Web area the 'WA SET URL FILTERS' command appears to also apply unexpectedly to the 'WA OPEN URL' command.
ACI0097233 'On URL Filtering' event not triggered after executing a javascript function using 'WA EXECUTE JAVASCRIPT FUNCTION'. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097236 By using the toolbox dialog, in the tab Lists, list references are renumbered from 1 to N (contiguous number). 16 R4 15.5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097241 'WA Evaluate JavaScript' command raises error "maximum call stack size exceeded" when executing a JQuery command. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097248 On macOS system, changing from one page to another can cause the cursor to be displayed on multiple fields at once. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097250 A 10038 error message appears from time to time on the server's interface : this error message seems to prevent the backup to take place: as soon as it is validated, the backup is launched. 16 R4
ACI0097260 4D Web Server answers on all IP addresses as if the "/Web/Publishing information/IP Address" option was set with value "Any". 16 R4
ACI0097264 'ACCEPT' in 'On Outside Call' form event does not close form. 15.5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097278 The use of the Up arrow key to change a listbox cell value thanks to an associated required list prevent to enter the chosen data. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097288 'While' and 'Until' don't check conditin type (boolean) when compiling.
ACI0097312 Displaying and closing Web Areas objects may provoke application to crash because of an inappropriate internal web area initialization.
ACI0097319 Crash when deleting a record used during a complex 'JOIN' in SQL. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097322 'GRAPH' returns empty image with a 64-bit 4D Volume desktop application. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097323 In SDI mode, engined 4D remote do not quit but stay hidden in the background even if no more windows are displayed.
ACI0097341 Ghost connection left on server after canceling from User Identification (login dialog) window. 16 R4 16.2 HF1
ACI0097370 'On Server Close Connection Database' not executed on a lost connection; no problem with legacy network layer. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097399 'WEB SERVICE CALL' command generates error #9911 when called twice.
ACI0097400 With 4D 64-bit, if several menu commands of one menu has a method associated, the wrong method may be executed instead of the one linked when selecting a menu command.
ACI0097409 Cannot open a ".4dc" file when using the 4D Web Application Server license; an error #10507 is raised. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097462 Hovering over variables in debug mode shows "undefined =undefined".
ACI0097465 'OBJECT GET SCROLL POSITION' issue on listbox with heights bound to an array, or automatic,after scolling thanks to the command 'OBJECT SET SCROLL POSITION'.
ACI0097482 Can't kill thanks to the button 'Kill process' a sleeping connection (4D Remote in sleep mode) from 4D Server. 16.3
ACI0097486 On macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), unresponsive print dialog stuck on screen with 4D 64-bit. 16.3
ACI0097495 4D crashes if the option key is pressed over a hidden collapse/expand icon on the method editor. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097508 Preferences: Colour options checkboxes disappearance when moving from a tab to another.
ACI0097512 Structure editor accepts field names that begin with a digit, which is not expected.
ACI0097517 4D crashes when affecting Null to a pointer.
ACI0097521 With masOS 10.13.x (High Sierra), there is a bad display of pop-up icon (an arrow) in listbox cell when hovering over it with the mouse. The icon may disappear. 16.3
ACI0097535 'UNREGISTER CLIENT' loses connection when the process is postponed.
ACI0097537 4D may quit unexpectedly when calling 4D components that are compiled with more recent versions than the one used to load the host database. 16.3
ACI0097545 A postponed user connection process is not deleted on 4D Server when a 4D Client quit abnormally. 16.3
ACI0097564 Unexpected Runtime internal timer error #22 during a Backup. 16.3
ACI0097572 Cursor jumps to wrong line or wrong position in the current line, after 2 or 3 keystrokes using Japanese input, if the current line is not last. 16.3
ACI0097621 Cascading menu items missing in "Database Settings" menu on a built Server application. 16.3
ACI0097635 Command 'Get file from pasteboard' takes very long time (1mn) on macOS High Sierra (macOS 10.13) to work. 16.3
ACI0097636 4D quits unexpectedly immediately after quitting a remote application or a standalone application on Mac OS X 10.13.1 High Sierra.
ACI0097641 'LISTBOX SET COLUMN WIDTH' has not effect on a listbox placed on page 2. 16 R6
ACI0097654 'SHOW MENU BAR' and 'HIDE MENU BAR' commands do not work from the Startup database method with 4D 64 bits.
ACI0097690 Interpreter throws error if "Sum(...)" is passed directly to "String(...)". 16.4
ACI0097693 'APPEND TO ARRAY' returns an error if the 'OB Get' attribute passed as parameter is 'undefined'. 16 R6
ACI0097701 A temporary file is unexpectedly created when exporting an existing method. Only on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). 16 R6 16.3 HF1
ACI0097707 Using region settings from the 'Language & Region' option set as primary in System Preferences is not working when you have more than one language in the list; English language is always used. Only on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). 16 R6 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097784 'REJECT' command fail to reject data entries. 16 R6
ACI0096804 'FTP_GetDirList' is very slow when directory contains numerous items. 15.4 HF3 16.1 HF2
ACI0096856 PDF attachment is missing in opened mail if using iOS system (IPhone / IPad). 16.1 HF2
ACI0096950 It is not possible to send file larger than 2.3 Go using 'FTP_send' command. This bug is fixed with 4D 64-bit only. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097253 The command 'POP3_SetPrefs' returns an error #-120 if an umlaut character is in the path name. 16 R4 16.2 HF1
ACI0097302 4D Internet Commands"MSG_GetBody" and "MSG_Extract" are slow when using 4D v16 64-bit. 16.2 HF1
ACI0096939 On macOs, 4D can crash during a drop event on legacy 4D Write area. 16.2 15.5
ACI0097083 A field reference other than the selected one is inserted in 4D Write if using dynamic field names and hidden fields. 16.2 HF1