All Products v16 R6 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0095585 Hierarchical Listbox: Scrolling with arrow keys can be erratic after using the command 'LISTBOX SET HIERARCHY'. 16 R5
ACI0093293 Search field of method editor does not display history on macOS system. 16 R5 16.2 HF1
ACI0094242 When adding by programming fields as primary key to a table (Field1 and Field2) the 'Unique' property is not added to these fields. 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0095626 Cannot access blob byte via a pointer in compiled mode (For instance "$ptr->{$row}{$offset}"). 16 R5 16.3 HF1
ACI0094424 Duplicating a method that ends with a Japanese character results in duplicate names. 16 R5 16.2 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0094463 Depending the font used (and their size) for a listbox header, downstroke characters could be truncated. 16.2 HF1
ACI0094675 Moving (from a database to another) 3D objects like buttons, radio buttons, checkboxes doesn't move their associated image. 15.5 16.2 HF1
ACI0094836 Loading Date picker widget after setting a value to the associated date variable erases the variable value. 16 R4 16.2 HF1
ACI0094994 Slowness when running an SQL subquery; it may cause the server to lock up. 16.2 HF1
ACI0095136 Method editor: code can be lost when typing something nearby a collapsed loop. 16 R5 16.3 15.5 HF1
ACI0095145 'C_OBJECT' type variables are not mentioned in the generated symbol file after a compilation. 15.6
ACI0095317 CTRL + 'click', when inside a listbox column on Mac, doesn't bring up menu.
ACI0095379 'LISTBOX Get column width' may return bad values when called from the rightmost listbox column.
ACI0095659 Automatic update for engined server fails if application name contains an apostrophe. 16.2 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0095763 Using 'SUSPEND TRANSACTION' and 'RESUME TRANSACTION' triggers error "Transaction is not suspended, so it can't be resumed". 16.3 HF1
ACI0096025 The command 'LISTBOX SELECT ROW' can change the row size of a hierarchical listbox. 16 R5
ACI0096165 4D Server Admin Window Buttons does not working when using English system and English as default language, but select Turkish regional settings. 16 R5 16.2 HF1
ACI0096573 Missing help tip on listbox after an horizontal scroll. 16.3 HF1
ACI0096615 Deleting and creating index several times in transaction may crash the application, or damage the indexes. 16.2 HF1
ACI0096646 'HTTP Get' command takes long time to complete. 15.5 16.2 HF1
ACI0096654 Unexpected error #-1 displayed when canceling the saving dialog while exporting data to file. 16.3 HF1
ACI0096695 Kind of flashing / flickering situation in a window when loading a form. Only with 4D 64-bit ; only on Mac platform. 16.2 HF1
ACI0096775 Debug window doesn't open when executing the command TRACE in the 'On Exit' database method. 16.2 HF1
ACI0096795 SQL LOGIN("4D:[your_db_name]...") syntax generates the error #9918. 16 R5
ACI0096801 Wrong object coordinates with 'OBJECT SET COORDINATES' in 'On load' event when the according subform has been resized. 16.2 HF1
ACI0096868 The variable 'Document' is not updated with the newly created document path. Only with 64-bit application. 16.3 HF1
ACI0096870 Quick report: The Document variable is not updated with the newly created document path; only with 64-bit application. 16 R5 16.2 HF1
ACI0096911 Remote database connection stop button does not cancel the connection attempt. 16.3 HF1
ACI0096996 Key combination 'Ctrl+U' or 'Cmd+U' to show Administration window in 4D Server doesn't work.
ACI0097005 Unable to delete files in the list-view of ressources (Toolbox dialog). 16.3 15.5 HF1
ACI0097021 A radio button defined thanks to a resource Id value in a inter-process variable may appear unexpectedly as a check-box. 15.5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097045 WritePro Widget shows an error message when the entered value exceeds the allowed value. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097055 Setting the size of max used memory does not work in user settings next to the data file. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097119 A 4D crash may occur when linking a table that requires horizontal scrolling in the structure editor. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097120 Quick Report: MIN and MAX with 'date' type fields return a number instead of the correct date. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097124 When creating a new database on Windows system with 4D Server 64-bit, an error #1010 may be generated. 16 R5 15.5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097129 Bad title displayed in Japanese for the standard action "Quit <app name>". 16 R5 16.3 HF1
ACI0097135 4D command 'SVG Find element IDs by rect' is not always able to find an SVG picture. 16.3 15.5 HF1
ACI0097157 Despite the client-server connection timeout is set to "Never", it disconnects after some hours.
ACI0097167 Bad 'Find in design' result when using 'Any object' and 'whose modification date is since yesterday' criteria.
ACI0097176 Order by Dialog box doesn't allow drag/drop of fields. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097184 Pie Graph rendering direction is incorrect in 64-bit, starting at 3 o'clock position and sweeping counter clockwise. 16 R5 16.3 HF1
ACI0097193 Quick Report: the content of a generated cross table is empty. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097197 A margin is added unexpectedly by few pixels next to 4D write Pro area due to a bad management of a scroll bar size. 16.3
ACI0097207 The 4D command 'RESTORE' executed with two parameters has wrong text on the "Stop" button: it is written "Restore" instead. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097208 Using 4D Remote 32-bit, when creating a subfolder in the Explorer, the client application may crash. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097210 Using 4D Remote v16.x 32-bit, unexpected high CPU use with Legacy Network Layer chosen. On macOS system only. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097233 'On URL Filtering' event not triggered after executing a javascript function using 'WA EXECUTE JAVASCRIPT FUNCTION'. 16 R5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097241 'WA Evaluate JavaScript' command raises error "maximum call stack size exceeded" when executing a JQuery command. 16 R5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097246 Third parties Japanese IME (like Google IME) is forced to System IME when moving focus. 16.3
ACI0097247 An alert or a dialog may unexpectedly deactivate the Japanese IME. 16.3
ACI0097257 A connection interruption leaves an undeletable ghost process on the server. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097262 Saving text outside the datafile could corrupt the data if more than 259 bytes is in a text field. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097264 'ACCEPT' in 'On Outside Call' form event does not close form. 16 R5 15.5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097265 Bad display when scrolling thanks to 'OBJECT SET SCROLL POSITION' while editing a cell.
ACI0097278 The use of the Up arrow key to change a listbox cell value thanks to an associated required list prevent to enter the chosen data. 16 R5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097282 SQL SELECT CAST (timefield AS TEXT) converts the time value into a number of milliseconds instead of a time string. 16.2 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097286 'LISTBOX DELETE ROWS' and 'LISTBOX INSERT ROWS' doesn't update correctly the row height array of listbox. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097288 'While' and 'Until' don't check conditin type (boolean) when compiling. 16 R5
ACI0097289 'On Web Close Process' database method is not executed when 4D kills a Web process automatically, except when calling 'WEB CLOSE SESSION'. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097297 Object method of a combo box or a popup having as variable name a field name, is not triggered in compiled mode. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097303 A breakpoint could not be registered correctly in client/server configuration. A crash could be generated. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097312 Displaying and closing Web Areas objects may provoke application to crash because of an inappropriate internal web area initialization. 16 R5
ACI0097314 Stop button of the printing dialog has no effect in v16.x (using NQR and XPS Writer). it may lead to a crash on v15.x . 15.5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097316 Unable to launch 4D.exe from a network drive under windows 10. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097321 Fields references are lost when moving a listbox from a database to another. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097322 'GRAPH' returns empty image with a 64-bit 4D Volume desktop application. 16 R5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097323 In SDI mode, engined 4D remote do not quit but stay hidden in the background even if no more windows are displayed. 16 R5
ACI0097327 Using 4D 64-bit to connect to 4D Server via LEGACY network displays an incorrect network error message. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097331 Moving a row in listbox doesn't update correctly the row height array.
ACI0097334 In a listbox, an unexpected blank (or grey) area is displayed below the last row if automatic row height is checked.
ACI0097341 Ghost connection left on server after canceling from User Identification (login dialog) window. 16 R4 16 R5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097347 In form editor, duplicating a listbox create a new listbox with wrong size column (minimum width instead of same width).
ACI0097352 4D can crash when quitting if an SVG picture is inside the pasteboard. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097353 4D could freeze or crash when loading a record after a network shutdown. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097354 Login window position issue (access to the window) when passing from a 2 screens mode to 1 screen on the same computer. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097357 SVG pictures are displayed improperly in 'Resources' tab of the 'Toolbox' dialog. 16.2 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097359 Arrows keys navigation doesn´t work correctly in the expanded pop-up of the Query editor. 16.3
ACI0097369 'DOM Parse XML source' command fails to parse an XML file containing a default namespace URI. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097370 'On Server Close Connection Database' not executed on a lost connection; no problem with legacy network layer. 16 R5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097380 The more people connected to 4D Server, the longer is the print of a label. With 64-bit applications only. 16.3
ACI0097383 No data sent to MS SQL if one of the values contains an empty string. 16.3
ACI0097386 First two characters of an HTTP POST Request's body being removed. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097392 Calling left 'OUTER JOIN' and order by in SQL forces the application to quit. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097399 'WEB SERVICE CALL' command generates error #9911 when called twice. 16 R5
ACI0097400 With 4D 64-bit, if several menu commands of one menu has a method associated, the wrong method may be executed instead of the one linked when selecting a menu command. 16 R5
ACI0097408 A mouse click done in an enterable variable outside an Arealist plugin area is not always taken into account correctly. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097409 Cannot open a ".4dc" file when using the 4D Web Application Server license; an error #10507 is raised. 16 R5 16.3 HF1
ACI0097411 Small-Caps doesn't work in 4D Write Pro. 16.2 HF1
ACI0097413 The 'Request' 4D command returns the default value (set from the second parameter) despite canceling the dialog. 16.3
ACI0097415 Putting the system to sleep under low network connectivity may causes disconnection.
ACI0097439 4D Write Pro: 4D may stop unexpectedly during the purge of pictures in memory. 16 R4
ACI0097448 'On Data Change' event doesn't fire on Combo box object if 'On After Edit' event is enabled. 16.3
ACI0097453 Inserted image not visible in a 4D Write Pro document at the insertion of a fragment.
ACI0097457 Automatic update for engined remote application (client) fails if application name contains an apostrophe. 16.3 15.5 HF1
ACI0097458 Change listbox background color in form editor with color picker doesn't work. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097460 When several 'engined' 4D Remote applications update simultaneously, one of them may crash. 16.3
ACI0097462 Hovering over variables in debug mode shows "undefined =undefined". 16 R5
ACI0097465 'OBJECT GET SCROLL POSITION' issue on listbox with heights bound to an array, or automatic,after scolling thanks to the command 'OBJECT SET SCROLL POSITION'. 16 R5
ACI0097478 Depending of the font (Japanese font), italic character in a hierarchical list is trimmed on the right side. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097479 'DOM Parse XML source' fails to parse a XML file with a DTD and generates error -9935 "XML not valid...". 16.2 HF1
ACI0097482 Can't kill thanks to the button 'Kill process' a sleeping connection (4D Remote in sleep mode) from 4D Server. 16 R5 16.3
ACI0097483 4D Server doesn't respond anymore after a lot of simultaneous connection with the 'New network layer'. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097488 Free memory is exhausted when running a 4D Backup roughly equivalent to the size of installed RAM. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097495 4D crashes if the option key is pressed over a hidden collapse/expand icon on the method editor. 16 R5 16.2 HF1
ACI0097496 Deleting all transitional characters in IME editor doesn't automatically end editing mode; delete key needs to be pressed 3 more times to continue #Japanese. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097497 Multiple instances of an engined desktop application can be launched in SDI mode (Windows only, 64-bit only then), witch is not allowed.
ACI0097502 Inserting in array using inter-process variable and pointer causes an extra array entry.
ACI0097508 Preferences: Colour options checkboxes disappearance when moving from a tab to another. 16 R5
ACI0097512 Structure editor accepts field names that begin with a digit, which is not expected. 16 R5
ACI0097517 4D crashes when affecting Null to a pointer. 16 R5
ACI0097519 'SVG Find element ID by coordinates' fails to find elements (rects, paths, etc) that have their fill color set to "black". 16.3
ACI0097520 A crash can occur if in a method a table and a field have the same name using SQL with alias. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097521 With masOS 10.13.x (High Sierra), there is a bad display of pop-up icon (an arrow) in listbox cell when hovering over it with the mouse. The icon may disappear. 16 R5 16.3
ACI0097535 'UNREGISTER CLIENT' loses connection when the process is postponed. 16 R5
ACI0097537 4D may quit unexpectedly when calling 4D components that are compiled with more recent versions than the one used to load the host database. 16 R5 16.3
ACI0097539 4D Server application may quit unexpectedly when lots of SOAP requests are completed. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097557 Method windows and form windows previously opened are not restored when re-open the database: they are closed. 32-bit applications only.
ACI0097564 Unexpected Runtime internal timer error #22 during a Backup. 16 R5 16.3
ACI0097572 Cursor jumps to wrong line or wrong position in the current line, after 2 or 3 keystrokes using Japanese input, if the current line is not last. 16 R5 16.3
ACI0097581 Ghost Application process may unexpectedly stay after client disconnection is killed. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097586 'SPELL GET DICTIONARY LIST' returns wrong language names.
ACI0097587 Switching from new network layer (ServerNet) to old network layer (Legacy) invalidates all 4D-link. As a result, clients won't be able to connect to the server.
ACI0097600 4D Client can freeze after setting a shutdown timer in the server twice in a row.
ACI0097604 'JSON Validate' doesn't give the right offset when the json presents errors in an array object.
ACI0097613 The sort thanks to menu command 'Last Used Tables' is changed after 4D restart. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097621 Cascading menu items missing in "Database Settings" menu on a built Server application. 16 R5 16.3
ACI0097623 Boolean field as radio buttons displayed unexpectedly as checkbox after a database conversion. 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097630 4D Remote connection dialog: settings lost in the 'Custom' tab if going to 'Available' tab before. 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097634 A data verification thanks to the MSC on object fields can generate some unexpected errors. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097635 Command 'Get file from pasteboard' takes very long time (1mn) on macOS High Sierra (macOS 10.13) to work. 16 R5 16.3
ACI0097641 'LISTBOX SET COLUMN WIDTH' has not effect on a listbox placed on page 2. 16 R5
ACI0097642 A crash may occur while 4D parsing an SQL server request. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097649 4D may crash when opening a form containing a tab control with a width of 1 pixel. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097654 'SHOW MENU BAR' and 'HIDE MENU BAR' commands do not work from the Startup database method with 4D 64 bits. 16 R5
ACI0097681 4D Server doesn't accept too many postpone reconnections per seconds on new network layer (ServerNet). 16.3 HF2
ACI0097693 'APPEND TO ARRAY' returns an error if the 'OB Get' attribute passed as parameter is 'undefined'. 16 R5
ACI0097696 There are some lags when scrolling a 'heavy' list form.
ACI0097701 A temporary file is unexpectedly created when exporting an existing method. Only on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). 16 R5 16.3 HF1
ACI0097707 Using region settings from the 'Language & Region' option set as primary in System Preferences is not working when you have more than one language in the list; English language is always used. Only on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). 16 R5 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097722 Quick Report area 64-bit erroneously required a 4D View license when used in a form. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097723 Using the command 'ST INSERT TEXT' in a cell of a 4D Write Pro table may unexpectedly wrongly resize the according row (1 or 2 lines added in the cell).
ACI0097730 Old 4D Write document conversion to 4D Write Pro may fail: a coma (",") becomes unexpectedly a dot ("."). 16.3 HF1
ACI0097738 A blank picture is displayed for a picture in PICT format in 4D write Pro document instead of the crossed camera expected. 32-bit and Windows application only. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097740 'HTTP Request' command returns HTTP status code 200 for an invalid request whereas it previously returned 0. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097778 'BASE64 ENCODE' command inserts CRLF characters every 40000 characters. The new behaviour is that no more CRLF is inserted by the command. If CRLF is needed, it's up to the developer to insert it. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097784 'REJECT' command fail to reject data entries. 16 R5
ACI0097787 Type of listbox footer is not preserved when converting a database from a major version to another (for instance, v15 to v16). 16.3 HF2
ACI0097791 Wrong error message for faulty SOAP call: message is about "4D View Pro license required".
ACI0097809 Unexpected error execution when launching a form that contains an included form wich "%report" is associated to.
ACI0097841 Wrong tokenization of constants used by the 'PRINT SETTINGS' command in the french version of 4D. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097860 By enabling the 'Automatic row height' option for a listbox,, the vertical scroll doesn't refresh and lines selection is broken.
ACI0097870 Bad informations displayed about listbox in 'Property list' palette. For instance, "Data source is shown for a listbox array.
ACI0097891 4D Server Administration window cann't be opened via 'Help' menu on Mac platform. 64-bit version only. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097918 If 'Automatic row height' option is enabled for a listbox and you hide rows on "On load" event, 4D quite unexpectedly. 4D 64-bit only, Windows system only.
ACI0097924 Possible disconnection on New Network Layer when 'ON EVENT CALL' is used.
ACI0097933 Various third-party plugins fail to load on Windows 64-bit because of a conflict between CEF and 4D plugins dll folders. For information, the 'Welcome wizzard' uses a web area (CEF); so the problem may happen from the start.
ACI0097946 Copying text from a combobox object doesn't work.
ACI0097972 Debugger window: Local variables expressions may show unexpectedly values as 'undefined'.
ACI0097989 Unable to always reconnect a 4D remote after it is posponed
ACI0097998 4D Remote can freeze unexpectedly after waking up the computer. 17
ACI0096779 Error #-43 returned by 'FTP_Send' because of some accented characters in the 'localpath'. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097254 'IMAP_MsgLst' returns error #-120 if an umlaut is in the path name. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097302 4D Internet Commands"MSG_GetBody" and "MSG_Extract" are slow when using 4D v16 64-bit. 16 R5 16.2 HF1
ACI0096532 4D View: Unable to apply a customized format on a cell using the pop-up in the tool bar. 16.3 15.5 HF1
ACI0096533 4D View: Unable to add a new customized format on cells thanks to the 'Style' menu. 15.5 16.2 HF1