All Products v17 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0094683 'QUERY WITH ARRAY' command does not return all the expected records when used against an indexed field with a query array size greater than 1, when using the wildcard character (@). 16.3 HF4
ACI0094811 'RELEASE MENU' executing in the "On Exit" database method may lead to a crash. 16.3 HF4
ACI0095913 The "text-align" property is not interpreted correctly by multi-style 4D variable. 15.6 16.3 HF3
ACI0096115 'SET MENU BAR' command executed in 'On Server Startup' database method leads 4D Server to quit unexpectedly. 16.3 HF3
ACI0096454 'CALL WORKER' may cause a concurrency issue when writing to a file. Now, the new worker process awaits for the previous one to die before coming alive.
ACI0096587 Slowness when typing code in method editor when there are loads of code lines (several thousands).
ACI0096698 Cannot manage 4D Write Pro access rights on 4D Remote unless 4D Write plugin is present in "Plugins" folder. 16.3 HF2
ACI0096866 'LOCKED BY' command shows always "Default" user but never shows the user that results from a call to 'CHANGE CURRENT USER'. 16.3 HF3
ACI0096868 The variable 'Document' is not updated with the newly created document path. Only with 64-bit application. 16 R6 16.3 HF1
ACI0097102 Since v16 R3, when using the 'WP INSERT DOCUMENT' command an unexpected error "This kind of argument was not expected here" may appear.
ACI0097167 Bad 'Find in design' result when using 'Any object' and 'whose modification date is since yesterday' criteria. 16 R6
ACI0097252 Clicking twice on the icon of a built 4D Remote in the taskbar causes multiple failed starts.
ACI0097346 'Datepicker' widget doesn't display the current date value at first load or when the date is directly entered using the keyboard. 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097373 Unexpected error #9852 on Quick Report with 4D Remote when a subform of quick report is added. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097381 On macOS, in the Page Setup dialog the 'Format For' is unexpectedly equal to "Any Printer" wich causes wrong margins when printing. 32-bit application only. 16.3 HF3
ACI0097390 4D Server may crash after calling the 'On Web Connection' database method that contains 'QUERY SELECTION' after 'WEB SEND TEXT'. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097426 When enabling the “Display this dialog at next startup” option in the connection dialog of an engined Client, at next startup, the connection dialog is not displayed. 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097484 The MSC XML Log files are not displayed on all browsers because related XSL file is generated as a separate file and not loaded due to security constraints from some browsers. 15.6 16.3 HF3
ACI0097497 Multiple instances of an engined desktop application can be launched in SDI mode (Windows only, 64-bit only then), witch is not allowed. 16 R6
ACI0097501 Loading an object value (field, C_OBJECT) in binary format duplicates references to same objects.
ACI0097539 4D Server application may quit unexpectedly when lots of SOAP requests are completed. 16 R6 16.3 HF2
ACI0097557 Method windows and form windows previously opened are not restored when re-open the database: they are closed. 32-bit applications only. 16 R6
ACI0097575 Breakpoints may not be registered correctly in client-server mode. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097633 Label editor: with 64-bit application, concatenation of fields with "&" or "%" symbols causes font color change to red. 16.3 HF3
ACI0097641 'LISTBOX SET COLUMN WIDTH' has not effect on a listbox placed on page 2. 16 R5 16 R6
ACI0097656 Lets a button that shows an alert. Clicking several times on it while the form method takes time to run may prevent to validate the alert (kind of freeze). 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097668 Label editor: on a 32-bit application, loading an empty label file makes 4D to quit unexpectedly. 16.3 HF4
ACI0097676 After typing Japanese text in cell of listbox and hitting space bar once, the thickness of the underline may be wrong. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097683 Display of thermometer label is trimmed in form editor with 'Windows classic' theme. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097688 Unexpected error #-10002 when attempting to connect a 32-bit 4D Remote to a 64-bit 4D Server.
ACI0097690 Interpreter throws error if "Sum(...)" is passed directly to "String(...)". 16 R5 16.4
ACI0097696 There are some lags when scrolling a 'heavy' list form. 16 R6
ACI0097697 Impossible to change a listbox cell value with the up and down arrow keys on Mac. 16.3 HF1
ACI0097701 A temporary file is unexpectedly created when exporting an existing method. Only on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). 16 R5 16 R6 16.3 HF1
ACI0097706 Query editor syntax error if using virtual structure names in formulas. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097707 Using region settings from the 'Language & Region' option set as primary in System Preferences is not working when you have more than one language in the list; English language is always used. Only on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). 16 R5 16 R6 16.3 HF1 15.5 HF1
ACI0097715 Quick Report inserts wrong field if used table contains an invisible field. 64-bit application only. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097722 Quick Report area 64-bit erroneously required a 4D View license when used in a form. 16 R6 16.3 HF2
ACI0097723 Using the command 'ST INSERT TEXT' in a cell of a 4D Write Pro table may unexpectedly wrongly resize the according row (1 or 2 lines added in the cell). 16 R6
ACI0097730 Old 4D Write document conversion to 4D Write Pro may fail: a coma (",") becomes unexpectedly a dot ("."). 16 R6 16.3 HF1
ACI0097738 A blank picture is displayed for a picture in PICT format in 4D write Pro document instead of the crossed camera expected. 32-bit and Windows application only. 16 R6 16.3 HF1
ACI0097740 'HTTP Request' command returns HTTP status code 200 for an invalid request whereas it previously returned 0. 16 R6 16.3 HF1
ACI0097756 Entering directly a filtered URL in the URL variable does not trigger the event "On URL Filtering" when the Web Area is set to use the embedded Web rendering engine.
ACI0097764 The clipboard is not updated when attempted to copy by doing Cmd/CTRL+"A", and then Cmd/CTRL+"C" while editing in a cell (listbox, form editor Property list palette). 16.3 HF2
ACI0097778 'BASE64 ENCODE' command inserts CRLF characters every 40000 characters. The new behaviour is that no more CRLF is inserted by the command. If CRLF is needed, it's up to the developer to insert it. 16 R6 16.3 HF2
ACI0097785 Deleting a corrupted method may prevent to create another new one. 16.3 HF2 15.6
ACI0097787 Type of listbox footer is not preserved when converting a database from a major version to another (for instance, v15 to v16). 16 R6 16.3 HF2
ACI0097791 Wrong error message for faulty SOAP call: message is about "4D View Pro license required". 16 R6
ACI0097802 Collection member: 'distinct' doesn't order objects by reference.
ACI0097809 Unexpected error execution when launching a form that contains an included form wich "%report" is associated to. 16 R6
ACI0097817 Collection member: using the operator 'IN' in a query may crash 4D.
ACI0097826 For engined server on Windows, the Server Administration window and the Runtime Explorer don't show the correct icon. 16.3 HF2 15.6
ACI0097831 Hitting Space bar no more bring a background current window to the foreground. 16.3 HF2 15.6
ACI0097834 4D Server Administration window will not reopen if you close it once. 16.3 HF3
ACI0097838 Query on scalar attribute object from Wakanda to 4D server do not work. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097841 Wrong tokenization of constants used by the 'PRINT SETTINGS' command in the french version of 4D. 16 R6 16.3 HF2
ACI0097853 Wrong appearance of boolean checkbox in listbox (not enterable=enterable) under certain conditions. 16.3 HF3
ACI0097860 By enabling the 'Automatic row height' option for a listbox,, the vertical scroll doesn't refresh and lines selection is broken. 16 R6
ACI0097864 Format 'System date short' is not correct en macOS: some digits are missing for day, month or year. 15.6 16.3 HF3
ACI0097867 Bad display of windows with 'MODIFY RECORD' when executed in maximised window mode (full screen). 16.3 HF2 15.6
ACI0097878 The event "On Data Change" is not triggered with the date picker (pop up date).
ACI0097889 4D Write documents (4W7) take more time to load when converted to 4WP. 17 R2 16.3 HF5
ACI0097891 4D Server Administration window cann't be opened via 'Help' menu on Mac platform. 64-bit version only. 16 R6 16.3 HF2
ACI0097895 In the query editor, navigation with the arrow keys on the keyboard doesn't work correctly: there is no scroll. Scroll bar stands still. 16.3 HF3
ACI0097912 Using client/server encryption downgrades the web server ssl notation. 16.3 HF5
ACI0097918 If 'Automatic row height' option is enabled for a listbox and you hide rows on "On load" event, 4D quite unexpectedly. 4D 64-bit only, Windows system only. 16 R6
ACI0097921 Text input caret is always displayed in black even if the background colour is black too, which makes impossible to locate the caret. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097924 Possible disconnection on New Network Layer when 'ON EVENT CALL' is used. 16 R6
ACI0097932 Memory leak with commands 'OPEN PRINTING JOB' and 'CLOSE PRINTING JOB'. 16.3 HF3
ACI0097933 Various third-party plugins fail to load on Windows 64-bit because of a conflict between CEF and 4D plugins dll folders. For information, the 'Welcome wizzard' uses a web area (CEF); so the problem may happen from the start. 16 R6
ACI0097934 Copy and paste SVG picture from 4D 64 bits to a non-4D application does not work. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097937 'SET WINDOW RECT' doesn't move the resize icon after changing the form wizzard window size. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097938 Graphics.dll leads to crash (direct2D) 16.3 HF4
ACI0097946 Copying text from a combobox object doesn't work. 16 R6
ACI0097951 'WEB Get server info' command doesn't list the IPv6 address information for the current session.
ACI0097952 In Settings dialog, IP addresses (in the dropdown list) of SQL server are not the same on Client side and Server side.
ACI0097964 Menu items from the menu 'Edit' become unexpectedly disabled after editing a variable in a form. 32-bit applications only.
ACI0097966 64-bit label editor cannot print in landscape format. 16.3 HF3
ACI0097972 Debugger window: Local variables expressions may show unexpectedly values as 'undefined'. 16 R6
ACI0097975 'Current method name' command's return is wrong (returns "untitled") in the context of a dynamic form.
ACI0097980 When the option "Use object notation to access object properties" is checked, after a conversion of a database to v17 the unicode option" Save methods as Unicode" disappears (even if it's not checked before).
ACI0097983 4D Server as a service: 'Launched as service' system information is never updated. The value is always 'No'.
ACI0097984 Drop a user from the Administration window generates a client disconnection error when a process application is postponed.
ACI0097986 In compiled mode, the command 'SET ASSERT ENABLED' with parameter equals to 'False' may not always be applied correctly: 'ASSERT' command can still be enabled. 15.6 16.3 HF3
ACI0097992 On Windows system, TrueType fonts not useable in 4D Write Pro, even though they are scalable. 16.3 HF3
ACI0097994 "Check Syntax" and "Generate Typing" functionalities of 4D Compiler dialog don't display the resulting message like "Syntax check successful" for a Standard Server License.
ACI0097998 4D Remote can freeze unexpectedly after waking up the computer. 16 R6
ACI0098002 A random crash could occur when a menu bar is released. 15.6 16.3 HF3
ACI0098012 The 4D Write Pro area disappears when inserting an SVG picture into a 4D Write Pro document.
ACI0098025 Japanese IME turns deactivated after a call of 'ADD RECORD' in a button from a form. 16.3 HF4
ACI0098031 'QUERY BY ATTRIBUTE' doesn't find the good result when using all operators (=, #, >, <, >=, <=) with Time field.
ACI0098037 Cluster Index on object field could be damaged when doing a Sum on a path value. Side effect: 'QUERY BY ATTRIBUTE' may not work correctly. 16.3 HF3
ACI0098038 Using the arrow key, cursor doesn't move before hitting space-bar key for conversion when typing japanese text. 16.3 HF5
ACI0098041 The 'BUILD APPLICATION' command does not set 'OK' variable to 0 if the compilation fails and the compilation dialog that lists errors is not displayed.
ACI0098042 A freeze of 4D Client as web server can occured if some web requests attempt to read some resources in the structure file. 16.3 HF3
ACI0098062 Folders in "Ressources" not copied in the root of the folder ".../Library/Caches/4D/DBname/Ressources".
ACI0098063 Typing a title containing the letter "n" triggers the "open/select report" window on Quick Report 64 bit editor. 16.3 HF4
ACI0098075 The 4D command 'QUERY BY FORMULA' can unexpectedly crash.
ACI0098079 Paths for data stored automatically outside datafile are not correct. Folders are badly named, and not created every 100 records. 15.6 16.3 HF3
ACI0098094 Not able to compile when using 'Min' and 'Max' commands applied on a date array. 16.3 HF4
ACI0098098 Localization issue: In 'FR' release, the constant "Web client adresse IP d’écoute" (value 23) is not present and badly replaced by the 'INTL' constant "Web Client IP address to listen". 16.3 HF4
ACI0098102 Clicking on a cancel button in a form page 'B' containing a web area closes it, but also closes unexpectedly the original form 'A' which has called the form 'B'. 17.0 HF3
ACI0098107 4D Write Pro: missing check marks in contextual menu after selecting an option. 16.3 HF4
ACI0098109 4D View Pro: Black or Grey background color appears after the last row and column.
ACI0098127 Web Server doesn't listen on specified IP Address, but instead it listens on Any.
ACI0098128 It's not possible to select a background picture (behind a text) in 4D Write Pro; unexpected alert and message appear when attempting to do so.
ACI0098129 Loading an object variable using 'LOAD VARIABLES' command, makes 4D quits unexpectedly. 16.3 HF4
ACI0098135 Crash of 4D in the TRACE window (debugger windows) if an old set expression is present in the expression panel.
ACI0098136 In some special cases, 4D crashes when you Generate Typing, and 'Object notation' is activated.
ACI0098149 4D and 4D Server quit unexpectedly when using the Runtime Explorer dialog to explore variables for a preemptive process.
ACI0098157 Since ICU 50, prolonged sound mark ("-") is no longer considered as a letter when the database language is set to Japanese. 16.3 HF4
ACI0098161 'QUERY BY ATTRIBUTE' doesn't find the good result when using operator ">=" or ">" on an indexed Object field.
ACI0098165 Existing records with a 4D Write Pro area contain unexpectedly all attributes twice. 16.3 HF4
ACI0098178 'IMPORT DATA' command used with an empty string for the file parameter doesn't display the open file dialog; 64-bit mode only. 16.3 HF4
ACI0098184 A problem in the CSS parser exception (brakets considered as a quote) may prevent good conversion of 4D Write expression to 4D Write Pro. 16.3 HF5
ACI0098188 Unexpected syntax error "Attempting to retype by using a pointer." with 4D commands 'Min' and 'Max' in compiled mode. 16.3 HF4
ACI0098194 In the form editor, changing the size of a column in a listbox may not be taken into consideration.
ACI0098253 Unexpected error #-20002 with 'SVGTOOL_show_in_viewer' when there is a text with character ‘&’ in the SVG. 16.3 HF4
ACI0098260 Runtime error message not explicit when XPS Viewer is not installed (for information, installing Windows 10.1803 may remove the XPS Viewer). 16.3 HF5
ACI0098261 In a form opened by 'MODIFY SELECTION', a checkbox in a listbox is non-enterable whereas it should be enterable. 17 R2 16.3 HF5
ACI0098269 Switching the 4D user in 4D Remote thanks to 'CHANGE CURRENT USER' does no more actualize the 4D user column in the 4D Server admin window. 16.3 HF5
ACI0098271 In certain circumstances, 'Undo' deletes too many characters in 4D Write Pro. 16.3 HF5
ACI0098275 When saving an object that contains itself (cycle) in an object field, 4D issues error #900 ("JSON cannot stringify cyclic structures")
ACI0098294 'WRITE PICTURE FILE' doesn't accept a picture object property in compiled mode.
ACI0098321 Probable crash when MSC check of application with the built 4D Server application. 16.3 HF5
ACI0098384 'LISTBOX DELETE ROWS' will delete the last row incorrectly if the listbox displays control array. 16.4 HF1
ACI0098388 4D Server 32-bit may quit unexpectedly when a plugin creates new handles, using 4D SDK, from different threads. 17 R2
ACI0098223 4D for OCI constant 'OCI_STMT_DECLARE' was wrongly set with value 39 instead of 9. 16.3 HF4
ACI0096484 'IMAP_SetPrefs' cannot find directories with umlauts in the name. 16.3 HF1
ACI0096656 'IMAP_Search' command is unable to find few messages when the used criteria is "HEADER MESSAGE-ID". 16.3 HF3
ACI0096779 Error #-43 returned by 'FTP_Send' because of some accented characters in the 'localpath'. 16 R6 16.3 HF1
ACI0097254 'IMAP_MsgLst' returns error #-120 if an umlaut is in the path name. 16 R6 16 R6 16.3 HF2
ACI0097882 Time type data is retrieved in a timestamp format instead of usual time format as expected. 16.3 HF2
ACI0097960 The connection with the ODBC Driver fails in secure mode (TLS). An unexpected error "Can't read from server" occurs.