All Products v17.0 HF3 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0087085 When you paste in a method a string containing a TAB, the editor ignores it. 16.4 HF1
ACI0097420 Unexpected 'On Close Box' event firing when the "Use embedded Web rendering engine" option is activated.
ACI0098035 ListBox Move rows not orking with drag and drop enabled. 17 R2
ACI0098054 Freeze in a process debugger window after creating a shared object of a shared collection. 17 R2
ACI0098102 Clicking on a cancel button in a form page 'B' containing a web area closes it, but also closes unexpectedly the original form 'A' which has called the form 'B'.
ACI0098213 'HTTP Get' command fails on Windows system and returns unexpectedly the error #30 ("HTTP Server unreachable") for some web sites. 17 R2 16.4 HF1
ACI0098322 'On mouse move' event won't get triggered if it is called in a Sheet window. 64-bit only.
ACI0098390 Real and Float data types values are converted to 0 when imported, if they contain a non-numeric character like a space character. 16.4 HF1
ACI0098399 4D Server 32-bit quits unexpectedly after lots of SOAP requests.
ACI0098401 'EDIT ITEM' and also 'OBJECT SET SCROLL POSITION' in a list box with auto row height scrolls wrongly. 17 R2
ACI0098405 The 'MESSAGE' command does not display the text on an opened window. 16.4 HF1
ACI0098406 Inserting column in listbox may take unexpectedly too much time if there are some unnamed footers (use of dynamic variables). 17 R2
ACI0098422 With 4D 32-bit, the command "WP PRINT" generates an error if no printer is connected on macOS.
ACI0098430 In the 'Find in Design' dialog, the pop-up "Whose name" may unexpectedly collapse immediately after clicking on it, before being able to select an element.
ACI0098481 Using 'fromCollection()', the related dataclass is changed if relatedEntity object primary key attribute doesn't match the primary key in the related dataclass. Client-Server mode only. 17 R2
ACI0098483 In some cases a Listbox collection does not redraw itself like a listbox of type selection does.
ACI0098497 Cache memory allocation fails to apply from database settings. 16.4 HF1
ACI0098511 Listboxes collection do not redraw themselves in client-server. 17 R2
ACI0098522 Several "On load" form event unexpectedly triggered on form objects place in another page of the form, instead of being triggered only once. 16.4 HF1
ACI0098526 Using ORDA, the first time assigning a value to 'N-1' related field, the value is Null. 17 R2
ACI0098535 4D Write Pro: The list of styles in the popup menu is not up to date according to selected font.
ACI0098538 ORDA - In Client/Server mode, the attributes of an entity have "null" as value instead of been initialised depending on their type.
ACI0098550 When attempting to stop a current printing, 4D generates an error #6.
ACI0098555 ORDA - empty date returned 'NULL' from 4D Server, whereas '00/00/00' from 4D Mono. 17 R3
ACI0098558 Standard actions take a while to be executed when invoked on a window created with a new process.
ACI0098559 Accessing an entity with a 4D Write Pro object field is not possible.
ACI0098576 Unexpected error message #-20007 when converting an old 4D View document to 4D View Pro.
ACI0098579 Assign null to a dereferenced pointer to a picture does not work. Compiled mode only. 17 R2
ACI0098580 In client/server mode, several long queries may lead an unexpected slowness. 17 R2
ACI0098581 Forms are not properly updated in the 4D property list with a ListBox Selection.
ACI0098590 Available Servers tab of for a built application may filter to only display new network layer (ServerNet) instead of both (New network layer, and the Legacy network). 16.4 HF1
ACI0098592 Expression field in a 4D Write Pro Widget leads to runtime error.
ACI0098599 Querying with string containing single quote with ORDA cause in 4D remote an unexpected error #1806 "URL not well formed".
ACI0098609 Quick report page setup does not keep paper orientation. 16.4 HF1
ACI0098618 By modifying an object name, it can modify also another object name of another form.
ACI0098624 Applying a char attibute (like 'wk font bold') to a table range does not work on all the table.
ACI0098626 ORDA: query using "IN" operator on a related table ('Join') fails if any index is used.
ACI0098639 Memory leak in 'LOG FILE TO JSON' 4D command.
ACI0098642 The 'IMPORT TEXT' 4D command trims space in a Text field.
ACI0098648 SET FILE TO PASTEBOARD(…;*) overrides the previous entry in the pasteboard.
ACI0098665 SQL "EXECUTE IMMEDIATE" unable to populate a 2D Array.
ACI0098669 entity.clone() doesn’t work well with attributes of type picture. 17 R3
ACI0098673 Corruption of memory with created menu bars. Only on macOS and only a 32-bit bug.
ACI0098674 The 4D command 'LONGINT ARRAY FROM SELECTION' fails if there is an empty selection. 16.4 HF1
ACI0098680 The command 'Frontmost process' may not return a good value just after closing the last window of the process. 64-bit only.
ACI0098692 4D Write Pro: Colored text are not saved correctly when using the system color palette. 17 R2
ACI0098719 The "4Dpeer.txt" file isn't created properly if an engined 4D Remote is started and the "4D folder" is missing. 17 R3
ACI0098725 Locking an entity twice with entity.lock() behaves different in Client-Server compare to the Single-Mode. 17 R3
ACI0098728 Related entities on a non-primary key were fetched using the wrong query involving a useless 1 to n join. 17 R3
ACI0098734 Entity.Clone() behaves differently on 4D-Mono (single mode) compare to the Client/Server mode. 17 R3
ACI0098753 If the command "Print Settings" is called, the % of CPU usage is too high as long as the dialog is displayed. 16.4 HF1
ACI0098754 Automatic update of 4D Volume Desktop takes 50% more time with 4D Server v17 than with 4D Server v17 R2.
ACI0098759 Client auto-update may fail with the error "Can't find xerces-c_3_2.dll". 17 R3
ACI0098768 SET DATABASE PARAMETER(Tips Delay;x) does not work in client/server mode.
ACI0098769 Setting an Object field to NULL do not change the object field content. 17 R3
ACI0098783 A deadlock can occured on the SQL Server during a brutal 4D Remode disconnection. 17 R3 16.4 HF1
ACI0098810 After a database conversion, the "Automatic variable assignment" get checked unexpectedly.
ACI0098814 In Engined mode, using the Quick Report, the printing dialog is not displayed in SDI mode. 17 R3
ACI0098369 "OCIAttrGetVal" command doesn't return the correct value in 64 bitsmode for 'OCI_ATTR_IOMODE'. It returns 8 instead of 2 for in/out parameters.
ACI0098343 'MSG_Extract' does not work when there are umlauts in the name.
ACI0098507 When executing a code containing MSG_Charset (with 'bodyCharset' equals to "1"), and MSG_GetBody on the server side, 4D Server can crash. 64-bit mode only. 16.4 HF1
ACI0098578 Duplicate CRLF despite the use of the following command "SMTP_SetPrefs (0;2;0)" with 0 as value for parameter "lineFeed". 17 R3 16.4 HF1