All Products v17.0 HF4 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0098583 The sum is wrong when using the 'SUM' function on a time column in the quick report.
ACI0098632 A conversion of a large 4D View document to 4D View Pro can take very much time (looking like a hang).
ACI0098717 Using "Microsoft print to PDF" with the option "Print preview", a saving box dialog appears instead of showing a print preview for XPS. Only with 64-bit application.
ACI0098723 'Get process activity' and 'PROCESS PROPERTIES' commands return a different process name when saving with ORDA vs conventional. 17 R3
ACI0098762 Choice list in new query editor automatically displayed too early: need to close it if not willing to query on this field. 16.4 HF1
ACI0098767 A folder named "GPUCache" is unexpectedly created near 4D application. 17 R3
ACI0098796 Index on an object field can be build incorrectly if a property name of the object field contain some special characters like " . ", " ' ", " " ", " | ", " & ".
ACI0098799 On macOS 10.14.x (Mojave), unexpected white vertical line is displayed in the Administration window. 16.4 HF1
ACI0098805 Unexpected error "Could not open the specified document because it is already in use" when saving a 4D Write and 4D View file on disk on macOS 10.14.x (Mojave). 17 R3 16.4 HF1
ACI0098832 'DOM Find XML element' is 8-10 times slower with Xerces 3.2.1 . 17 R3
ACI0098883 With 4D Write Pro, a line height cannot be smaller than 100%. 17 R3
ACI0098891 Using ORDA, the command 'Current user' called from a trigger doesn't return the correct user name. 17 R3
ACI0098908 In the method editor, the frame of the auto-completion suggested window is no more displayed. On macOS 10.14.x only (Mojave). 17 R3
ACI0098954 Picture are badly rendered in 4D on macOS 10.14.x (Mojave). 17 R3 16.4 HF1
ACI0098976 A disconnection can happen when a trigger is called by ORDA in client-server mode. 17 R3
ACI0098997 4D Server become unable to accept new connection after receiving an incorrect client request. 16.4 HF1