All Products v17.1 HF1 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0098697 Resizing a collapsed Explorer windows mays bring an unexpected behaviour of the window when resizing it or expanding it. 16.5
ACI0098765 The Japanese conversion window stays visible after validating Japanese input directly in the structure editor.
ACI0098939 'WA Evaluate JavaScript' is too much slow with integrated web engine (compare to system web engine). 64-bit application, macOS X only.
ACI0098951 When double-clicking on a record through an Output form of a subform, an unexpected error arises if there is no Input form defined. The Input form by default for the table must be used.
ACI0098972 Some bullets created with 4D Write are not converted correctly with 4D Write Pro. 17 R4
ACI0099003 If a text edit object hidden during 'On Display Detail' is set to visible in 'On Load Record', only the borders are displayed. The content remains hidden.
ACI0099061 Quick report 64-bit: Changing Text alignment doesn't work for columns. 17 R4
ACI0099065 When using the 'PRINT LABEL' command in 4D 64 bit the command can print beyond the dimensions of the label and/or page.
ACI0099091 When saving a Write Pro document just after using the command 'ST FREEZE EXPRESSIONS', the font size may be is lost for expressions. 16.4 HF1
ACI0099098 4D Write Pro: Underlined tabulation characters are no more showed underlined when the option to display hidden signs is on. 17 R4
ACI0099101 No more transparent background after converting a 4D Write document to 4D Write Pro. 17 R4
ACI0099107 In Interpreted mode, a not yet defined form variable of type 'String' (typed from Property list palette), bound to a choice list', if considered by default as a variable of type 18 (Text array) instead of 5 (undefined).
ACI0099110 'SET CHANNEL' command returns error -28 when the baud rate is less than 3600.
ACI0099123 'entitySelection.add( )' can fail in client/server when used 'with entity.indexOf( )'. Same problem with 'entitySelection.minus()'.
ACI0099153 Using 'Open form window' on a 2nd screen, then using 'SET WINDOW RECT', may result in opening an invisible window.
ACI0099160 The command 'Pop up menu' ignores the 'default' argument on Windows system.
ACI0099164 'On Mouse Move' event does not fire over 'Popup form window' unless mouse button is pressed. Windows system only.
ACI0099165 Create an entity selection through a relation attribute may not work after using a '.newSelection()' and a '.add()' ; client-server mode only. 17 R4
ACI0099187 Crash while compiling if there is more than 32000 items (methods + table + forms + ...) in the database. 16.5 HF1
ACI0099202 4D Write Pro bullet list with custom bullets are not changeable after conversion from 4D Write. 17 R4
ACI0099217 Unexpected error when updating old records through Wakanda. It depends of the data, especially those created with previous 4D versions (before v15 and before).
ACI0099225 Calling 'FORM GOTO PAGE' from a 'non-page-zero' listbox event can lead to a crash when switching to another form page.
ACI0099229 If no network connection and, later on, the connection is back with 4D, all http requests fail with error #30 instead of working successfully after a while.
ACI0099231 Conversion from 4D Write to 4D Write Pro: text in 'Small-caps' maybe converted into CAPITAL letters. 17 R4
ACI0099232 Bad text color conversion from a 4D Write document to a 4D Write Pro document. 17 R4
ACI0099265 Windows Splash Screen visible during startup in SDI mode.
ACI0099272 No cursor is displayed to indicate precisely the drop location in a 4D Write Pro area when dragging a text. 17 R4
ACI0099291 When a web area has the "Use embedded Web rendering engine" setting unchecked, 'WA Evaluate Javascript' will interpret \r and \n literally which causes the javascript code to not execute.