All Products v17.4 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0095371 Closing 4D Server 64-bit with Applescript closes the server but triggers error "-128" 17.3 HF1
ACI0096336 'SELECTION TO ARRAY' returns "0" (zero) instead of "-1" when some records have been deleted. 18 R2 18.0 HF1
ACI0096906 The postpone mechanism does not work, when connecting to the server using the SSL protocol (Encrypted Client-Server Communications). 17.3 HF1
ACI0097403 Closing the dialog "Clear custom templates" (whether with "Cancel" or "OK), the form editor switches the Entry order mode. 18.0 HF1
ACI0097574 Help tips for header and footer of a listbox are not saved with 4D 64-bit. 18 17.3 HF3
ACI0097614 4D Server does not hide the warning icon and the tip when we enter a valid license manually. 18
ACI0097822 Design menu is visible when opening a merged application that was built with 4D Volume Desktop 64-bit 18 17.3 HF3
ACI0098009 When resizing the column in listbox if"Display Footers" and "Column Auto-resizing" are checked in the property list ,the vertical scrollbar disappears . 17.3 HF1
ACI0098443 Real Time Monitor Duration column no longer displays milliseconds - Only whole seconds and empty for short entries. 17 R2
ACI0098479 A right click in a very small 4D Write Pro area may lead 4D to a crash. 17.3 HF1
ACI0098845 Virtual structure (use of 'SET TABLE TITLES') applied unexpectedly in 'Design' mode: it modifies the 'Variable or Expression' option of a variable form object. 17.3 HF2
ACI0098990 Styling forms (style=text-align)does not show on printed forms 17.3 HF1
ACI0099197 'On Activate' form event fails on sheet form window 17.3 HF1
ACI0099227 'OB SET' command doesn't convert anymore to null value a numeric attribute with INF value (infinity). 18 R2 18.0 HF1
ACI0099239 Linking array attribute in QUERY BY ATTRIBUTE does not work with Date and Boolean 17.3 HF1
ACI0099254 The command 'Locked' always returns True when moving from locked record to unlocked record using Next/Previous button. 17.3 HF2
ACI0099462 4D Web Area with Embedded Web rendering engine does not work in some languages, like in Italian. 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0099512 HOME key no longer goes to beginning of line; instead, it goes to beginning of paragraph. Same kind of problem with END key. 17.3 HF1
ACI0099523 SVG Component does not replace CRLF with tbreak elements. 17.3 HF1
ACI0099576 3D Button with picture and title: the title may be not centered correctly (1 pixel to high). 18 R2 18.0 HF1
ACI0099586 Unexpected behavior when selecting a row in a listbox with arrow keys after a query 17.3 HF1
ACI0099595 Cursor is not shown in last space of textbox if Wordwrap is ON 18 17.3 HF3
ACI0099633 4D application may crash if pressing 'ESC' key while drawing an object in the form editor. 18.0 HF1
ACI0099647 4D crash sometimes after several connections (application contains several menu) 17.3 HF1
ACI0099666 Focus lost after using NEXT RECORD standard action if a form object exists on Page 0 17.3 HF1
ACI0099684 4D View: Rotation applied on a cell can make the content no more readable (bad redraw of it).
ACI0099730 Let a listbox using the option 'Column Auto-Resizing', and some locked columns. The resizing of the listbox or of some columns is erratic. 17.3 HF1
ACI0099739 No default HTML Template available as a destination for a Report in the Quick report editor. Windows system only, 64-it version only. 18 17.3 HF3
ACI0099745 'RELATE MANY SELECTION' during 'On Startup' causes structure file to be locked (read only) on restart. 18.0 HF1
ACI0099746 4D Write Pro: When text is in 'Small Caps' mode, underlined Capital letters have their line drawn a little bit to low. 17.3 HF2
ACI0099782 Quick report: Error 9850 is displayed when choosing a destination by contextual menu. 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0099805 Dragging and dropping between 2 text area copy instead of moving. Only on Mac, only 4D 64-bit. 17.3 HF1
ACI0099808 If a related [OneTable] record doesn't exist anymore, the record number for the related table is returned as 0. 18 R2 18.0 HF1
ACI0099862 After a conversion from a 4D Write document to 4D Write Pro, an unexpected 'gap' between the bottom of the body and the top of the footer area occurred. 17 R6 17.3 HF1
ACI0099874 Crash on closing a form with 'OBJECT DUPLICATE' applied on a variable using a placeholder. 17.3 HF1
ACI0099875 Execute the alert and move to the next line after highlighting the line in trace mode 17 R6 17.3 HF1
ACI0099876 Incorrect listbox column resize when double click between headers 17.3 HF1
ACI0099884 Using an empty string as the first parameter of the command 'EXPORT DATA' doesn't open the "Save as" dialog to define the file name. Instead, it opens the "Export" dialog, wich it musn't do. 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0099899 Old label files (like those created from v15) not loaded with 64-bit version. 17.3 HF2 18.1
ACI0099908 Alpha fields wrongly converted to Date ISO Format 17 R6 17.3 HF1
ACI0099924 4D or 4D Server doesn't test the presence of the 4D folder when needs to write in the temporary folder. 17 R6 17.3 HF2
ACI0099932 'SET FILE TO PASTEBOARD' sets only the first of several paths passed. 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0099937 Using an entitySelection ('USE ENTITIY SELECTION'), then duplicate a record and safe it, will lead to a malefunction: the entitiySelection will change. The currently created Record is in the entitySelection instead of the one duplicated. 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0099962 An error pops up when running the command RELATE ONE SELECTION in Application process. 17.3 HF1
ACI0099969 'SET PRINT OPTION' does not set file name in 64-bit mode when using "save as PDF" or "save as postscript". 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0099984 Write Pro conversion errors: vertical tabulator lines badly converted, framing lines between paragraphs are missing, distance to vertical lines isnot correct. 18
ACI0099988 SDI build App not executable once executed for a first time unless task is shutdown 17.3 HF1
ACI0100000 With a 4D 64-bit, when choosing "None" for the source of a subform object, a wrong value is set instead. 17.3 HF1
ACI0100017 Unable to connect to localhost web server when the machine is offline; error "listening ports already used" is returned. 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0100021 'Drop position' does not return -1 if an item is dropped in the empty area of a listbox. 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0100025 In property palette, 'Source' area for a subform seems in 'read only' mode (locked somehow); it's because the pop-up doesn't contain all elements anymore : unexpectedly, only 1 left. 17.3 HF1
ACI0100028 'Delete Column' in design mode of a listbox deletes the wrong column (the column to its left) when accessing the form through 'Search in Design'. 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0100032 4D doesn't close when you click on the close button in the top right corner in application mode. 18 17.3 HF3
ACI0100039 ORDA queries only link to primary key and ignores the relation lines. 17.3 HF3
ACI0100047 A crash could occur during the launch of 4D on macOS 10.15.x (Catalina), if a folder, like '4D v17.3' in the Installation mounted volume (DMG downloaded from a browser) is dropped on the hard disk and 4D launched from this folder. 17.3 HF1
ACI0100054 Label Editor: unexpected error messages when open a .4lbp that contains a rectangle with rounded corners. 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0100057 Wildcard "@" not respected when using ORDA query with IN operator. 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0100059 Dialog Error code :652 (xbox) happens on macOS 10.15.x (Catalina) during the autoupdate if the updater version stored in 'Application Support:BuilAppfolder:4D:updater was to old. 17 R6 17.3 HF1
ACI0100064 ORDA query returns incorrect value when querying for null object fields. 17.3 HF3
ACI0100073 Quick Report: unexpected runtime error message when clicking "preview" if XPS is not installed. 18
ACI0100076 Calling "SOAP Request" command from a component method always returns False. 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0100101 'USE ENTITY SELECTION' does not return the correct record in selection, in Client/Server mode, if the entity has been added with the method '$selection.add'. 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0100118 Disconnected client may stay connected indefinitely as a ghost user when "Encrypt Client-Server Communications" is enabled. 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0100149 When you use Spooler document name option to set file name, 'PRINT SETTINGS' command does not use the correct name; macOs only, 64-bit only. 18 17.3 HF3
ACI0100152 'HIDE TOOL BAR' triggers "On application foreground move" if called while in background. 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0100172 Launching 4D Server as a service with a remote datafile (".4DD") doesn't work: the base can't be opened. It's fixed now but you need to configure the service with the same user that mount the network drive (if not, 4D Server can't find the network path). 18 17.3 HF3
ACI0100178 Importing some CSV files generates an unexpected error 215. 18 17.3 HF3
ACI0100199 Standalone application doesn't start in MSC-Mode (Alt-key down on startup) 18 17.3 HF3
ACI0100218 ORDA: a crash could occured on index object field when using 'in' operator. 18 17.3 HF3
ACI0100219 'SET CURRENT PRINTER' initialises print parameters unexpectedly. 18 17.3 HF3
ACI0100227 Query on index object field with ORDA, 'in' operator and '@', with new record in transaction mode, doesn't work correctly: the result is incorrect. 18 17.3 HF3
ACI0100230 4D will not start up when region format of the operating system is set to Thai language. 18.0 HF1
ACI0100321 Standalone application doesn't start in 'Backup restore' mode (Alt-key down on startup). 18.0 HF1
ACI0100337 Margin bug on QR Preview XPS 18
ACI0100340 When printing a report (no preview), the QR add an extra margin (top/left/bottom/right) equal to printer dead margin. 18
ACI0100357 The 4D command 'DISTINCT ATTRIBUTE VALUES' returns an empty array when using it with duplicated records. 18 R2 18.0 HF1
ACI0100371 When you display a text with barcode font, you will find a redundant space at the end of the text, which will make bar code invalid. 18 R2 18.0 HF1
ACI0100376 In the Quick Report Editor, after creating a report, if opening another one, you are mandatory to save the previous one, even if you don't wan't to (an alert appears with the only button "OK" ; no choice).
ACI0100409 A crash may occur with 'PROCESS 4D TAGS' when a method called from $4DEVAL try to load a picture. 18 R2 18.0 HF1
ACI0100482 The 4D code "vPict:=vPict" damages or destroyes the picture in the variable 'vPict'; in compiled mode only. 18 R2 18.0 HF1
ACI0099821 SMTP_SetPrefs (1;-;-) does not use CRLF as line separators in mail. Unexpectedly CR is sent instead. 18 17.3 HF2
ACI0100060 underscore in table name raises an error "cannot access table..." with MS Query when adding a table 18 17.3 HF3