All Products v19.6 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0092218 Sometimes a crash occurred when you try to print a form with a PDF picture with "Print form" and "PAGE SETUP". 15.0 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0099046 The entry of accented 'combined' characters does not work correctly. E.i. when trying to enter the â (a circumflex) character, by typing '^ + a', the result does not give 'â' but '^ + a'.
ACI0102312 Default height (or width) property value for an horizontal (or vertical) form object line is set to 1 instead of 0 by default. This could lead to an unexpected redraw (with anti-aliasing) if the 'line width' is bigger than 1.
ACI0102448 GRAPH type PIE error in Turkish format
ACI0102569 When editing passwords via Toolbox dialog, the new password field length is maxed at 15 chars; It should have no character limit (same for the confirm password field) 19.5 HF2
ACI0102704 'Is table number valid' command: Help via 'F1' key points to wrong page in documentation. 19.5 HF1
ACI0102956 Only with virtual tables, in the quick report there is a display of the field name in square brackets instead of the table names
ACI0103209 Unexpectedly, we can rename, without any warning, a method to make it contains more than 32 characters (through the Explorer) 19 R4 HF1 19.5 HF2
ACI0103225 Built-in sql command 'SELECT' doesn't convert automatically integer value into text value, while 4D ODBC Pro does 19 R8 19.5 HF2
ACI0103360 Quick report: only half of the line of the left frame is printed 19.5 HF1
ACI0103368 Reloading entity twice will release lock dependency 19 R8
ACI0103419 Listbox: if automatic height has been set once, we can't set anymore a row height to a fixed value. 19.5 HF1
ACI0103436 Text object with automatic colour appears disabled in Binary database 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103447 Rectangle object in subform may disappears on resizing the window. 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103452 Quick Report: a formula that is too large in column 1 makes it impossible to view the other columns of the report. 19.5 HF2
ACI0103462 Customized date formats (or official for some regional settings, like Netherlands) may not be correct in 4D; macOS 13.x only (Ventura). 19 R7 19 R8 19.5 HF1
ACI0103487 ORDA: Unexpected Runtime Error ("Try to read beyond end of the stream") in client/server mode when assigning a blob field to a variable 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103492 Unable to select and hold a static line drawn from right to left and bottom to top 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103499 Compiler option "Type the variables" incorrectly types parameter indirection in the symbols file 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103505 On Portuguese Operating System, display problems in 'Settings' dialog: the "compatibility" button is truncated.
ACI0103507 Bad optimization in queries while mixing indexed and sequential ; it brings slowness problem. 19 R7 19 R6 HF2 19.5 HF1
ACI0103514 A static picture duplicated, or a pasted picture, in a form, may have a non-unique object name. This could lead to some 'lost' picture (they are still here, but can't be dispalyed) 19 R7 19.5 HF2
ACI0103519 Listbox: 'OBJECT Get format' may return wrong value, depending of the format applied (Proportionnal, etc ...). In project mode only. 19.5 HF1
ACI0103524 ORDA: Query with 'Not' null on object, not working when indexed and query Not(# null) on object not working when sequential 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103533 Label editor: the text field in label editor has an unexpected grey background. 19 R8 19 R7 HF1 19.5 HF2
ACI0103537 4D Write Pro: Japane fonts, used with the widget '4D Write Pro Area + Toolbar' from the obecj library, are not beautiful. 19 R7 19.5 HF2
ACI0103538 REST server can return the error #401 after doing important number of requests 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103541 Quick Report: Wrong break after dragging a column in place of another; the subtotal is on the other field. 19 R8 19.5 HF2
ACI0103542 'Execute on server' method attribute not working in compiled component running in native mode 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103550 Quick Report: when embedded in a form, adding a column without a formula generates an error. 19.5 HF2
ACI0103555 Product name in properties details tab on a 4D build application 'exe' file shows "4D Volume Desktop" instead of application name. 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103556 Runtime error when attempting to assign NULL to an element of an array of objects 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103560 4D Write Pro: After inserting images on a 4D Write Pro page with attribute "before the text", this one is displayed in background instead of foreground. 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103562 Changing type of Highlight button to 3D Button removes associated shortcut 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103570 When "Scalable sessions" option is used, 4D Compiler doesn't raise an error for non-thread-safe code used in "On Web Connection" method 19 R8 19.5 HF2
ACI0103573 Randomly 4D may quit unexpectedly when exiting the legacy printing setting dialog ; on Windows 11 22H2 only. 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103575 Calling a 4D dialog on old Windows 10 ( build < 1703) can lead to a crash. 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103577 A query transformation of index to sequential search may generate a crash on composite index 19 R8 19 R7 HF1 19.5 HF2
ACI0103578 When connecting a client and a server on the same PC, and you alternate several times between starting compiled and interpreted, it may lead the client to a freeze or a crash. 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103579 Quick Report: if a table has invisible fields, added a field through the Quick Report dialog may select a wrong one 19 R8 19 R7 HF1 19.5 HF2
ACI0103587 Alt double clicking method in quotes will not open method. Windows only 19 R8
ACI0103592 Error 9850 displayed when clicking on intersection of lines in Quick report 19 R8
ACI0103593 Unexpected compilation errors for ARM processor when the database has a plugin changing the global c++ locale without restoring it 19 R8
ACI0103594 Several memory leaks with the 4D command 'LDAP SEARCH ALL'. 19 R8 19.5 HF2
ACI0103608 Break points are not saved in Client-server binary mode when the 4D command 'CHANGE CURRENT USER' is called. 19 R8 19.5 HF2
ACI0103610 'LOAD VARIABLES' may crash when reading an empty picture. 19.5 HF2
ACI0103621 4D crashes when hitting MSC 'Restore' button when no data file is selected 19.5 HF2
ACI0103623 Quick report: With embedded report in a form, the report is displayed once out of two.
ACI0103626 4D View Pro documents are not mentioned in the "Filtering commands and project methods..." label of the Setting "Security" panel. 19.5 HF2
ACI0103629 "automaticAlternate" (for alternate background) generates a parsing error when used for the "alternateFill" key of a list box 19 R8 19.5 HF2
ACI0103632 REST licenses is not always released correctly. 19 R8 19.5 HF2
ACI0103639 While compiling, unexpected "Internal error while compiling with clang" message may appear, even after clearing compiled code. 19 R8 19 R7 HF1 19.5 HF2
ACI0103645 On a form object tab, the baseline of the text is too low ; on macOS only 19 R8 19.5 HF2
ACI0103649 The error 'Failed to synchronize Plugins folder' can occured if a database opened first in Client-Server with a 19 Rx is, afterwards, reopened in Client-Server in 19.x 19.5 HF2
ACI0103652 Pop up menu keeps firing in the context of an 'On Getting Focus' event 19 R8 19.5 HF2
ACI0103653 Since 19.5 HF1, Multi Criteria Query on indexed fields can be 400 times slower if all the data are on the cache 19 R8 19 R7 HF1 19.5 HF2
ACI0103673 When you quit an autoexecutable application, the application crashes just after the sponsored dialog get closed. 19 R8 19.5 HF2
ACI0103679 In entity selection LISTBOX ,after selected Row with command LISTBOX SELECT ROWS, arrow keys does not select the right rows, instead of selecting the next one after the row selected initially 19 R8
ACI0103683 Displaying an image in a list box cell overflows the dividing line on the right 19 R8 19.5 HF2
ACI0103689 Unexpected error #-10719 with the 4D command 'OB Copy'. 19.5 HF2 19 R7 HF2
ACI0103692 help tip message for Super() command displays "xliff:desc1705" 20
ACI0103699 4D enters in endless loop (display 4D wheel) when hitting Encrypt button when no data file is selected
ACI0103708 Bad display of special characters, e.g.: accented characters ("é"), using the imap getBoxList() command 19 R8
ACI0103710 4D exits unexpectedly when launching project from CLI with “--dataless” argument 19 R8
ACI0103714 ComboBox and PopUp has button 1px offset
ACI0103715 Width of focus ring of ComboBox and PopUp is different
ACI0103729 Property list information may get upside down when selecting a type for a form object. Project mode only .
ACI0103734 REGRESSION: The ".selectBox()" command generates an error 11 (IMAP SELECT command failed) 19 R8
ACI0103759 4D Write Pro: Memory leak with 'WP Get sections' that can lead to hang or crash 19 R8