All Products v19.7 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0101038 It may happen that break markers has different name between ruler and property list 20 R2 20.1
ACI0101476 Logical error window displayed behind instead of front Server (or 4D Explorer windows for 4D Standalone) when data contains duplicated keys not conform to structure definition. 20 19.6 HF1
ACI0101877 The first line in the import and export dialog is not adapted to dark mode: it stays white.
ACI0102400 "Collection[0]" expression is assignable in a method but becomes non-assignable in a form 20 19.6 HF2
ACI0102580 4D Write Pro: In the toolbar of the widget, help tip lexical problem in french Localization ("Insertions et vues" tab, "evaluer les expressions" button) 20
ACI0102582 4D Write Pro: in toolbars, some help tips not translated in french Localization (For example "Protect table" instead of "Protéger table") 19.6 HF2
ACI0103554 4D Server running as service does not restart 20 19.6 HF1
ACI0103613 'SQL LOGIN' fails to connect using last release (v3.3.0) of Devart ODBC Driver (for Sybase) 20 R2 20.1
ACI0103660 Using the command "IMPORT DATA" doesn't display the choice of the Tables select 20.1
ACI0103676 "Get license info" returns incorrect information about the number of connected clients in the configuration of several running services 20 19.6 HF2
ACI0103716 Using a collection/entityselection or a selection listbox doesn't preserve the undo (CTRL + "z"), whereas it works with an array listbox or a variable. 20 19.6 HF1
ACI0103725 A listbox is not redrawn when window is resized 19 R8 20 19.6 HF1
ACI0103732 "Web Client IP address to listen" option is reset after calling 'SET DATABASE PARAMETER' to set the option '4D Remote mode timeout' 20 19.6 HF1
ACI0103738 4D Write Pro: Typing may lag on 4D Write Pro document containing high resolution image; Windows system only. 19.6 HF1
ACI0103761 When capturing key codes during 'ON EVENT CALL', using english keyboard on Windows system, the returned key codes don't match the expected character codes. 19.6 HF1
ACI0103776 The display of a keyboard shortcut for a menu item defined by programming may be incorrect (e.g.: for "cmd #" we may see "cmd 3"). It depends on system localization, the keyboard, and the character chosen for the shortcut. 20 19.6 HF1 19 R8 HF1
ACI0103780 In 4D v19 or upper, incorrect format handling of the SVG viewer: it returns an unexpected error #1. 20 19.6 HF1
ACI0103787 A call to 'FILTER KEYSTROKE("")' removes the selection of characters 20 19.6 HF1 19 R8 HF1
ACI0103790 Unicode inside "Begin/End SQL" block throws compiler error; on Windows system only 20 19.6 HF2
ACI0103800 Incorrect 'type' name can appear ('Application Server' instead of 'Application process') in the Administration window type column. 20 19.6 HF1
ACI0103804 4D Server blocks during executing the 'RESTART 4D' command. 20 19.6 HF1
ACI0103817 In the 'Settings' dialog, English link does not open documentation page; it leads to a “Page not found” result. 20 19.6 HF2
ACI0103827 Connected Clients gets Disconnected after Rejecting New Connections on 4D Server. New Network Layer only (ServerNet) 19 R8 20 19.6 HF1
ACI0103832 Unable, on macOS, to connect to Sybase, using freeTDS ODBC driver with 4D, 20 19.6 HF2
ACI0103833 Very slow compilation when using Xcode 14.3 compared to Xcode 14.2 or 14.1 19.6 HF1
ACI0103880 Help tips list (in Properties palette) may not be always updated properly in layout editor. 20 19.6 HF2
ACI0103884 By opening a database through the MSC, indexes are not detected. 20 19 R8 HF2
ACI0103886 Using the command 'MAIL Convert from MIME', the property bodyValues may be missing in the eml file. 20 19.6 HF2
ACI0103888 Unexpected error when launching 4D on Windows server 2012 R2 and 2016 ("The procedure entry point SetThreadDescription could not be located in the dynamic link 'C:\Users\....\4D\Kernel.dll' ") 20 19 R8 HF1 19.6 HF2
ACI0103889 Calling the toolbox from a form (through Properties palette) should not mark the form as modified. 20 19.6 HF2
ACI0103924 Using client/server encryption downgrades the web server ssl notation 20 19.6 HF2
ACI0103925 4D Write Pro: the command 'WP PRINT' may crash. 20 19.6 HF2
ACI0103928 Unexpected error #2 when doing a Login LDAP a second time (using parameter "LDAP password plain text"). 20 20 R2
ACI0103933 On macOS, when iODBC framework is not installed, 'SQL GET DATA SOURCE LIST' command returns an internal error (array of null size). 20 19.6 HF2
ACI0103943 4D Server can freeze when quitting while different web processes call the command 'WEB SEND TEXT'. 19.6 HF2
ACI0103944 4D Write Pro: Unxpected error #108 when using the "Find" page of the 4D Write Pro toolbar (top) in a sub form. 20
ACI0103950 Attempt to create a form with a name that already exists throw runtime error (file already exists...) 20 R2 20.1
ACI0103954 4D Write Pro: Wingdings characters are not displayed in a PDF created with the command 'WP EXPORT DOCUMENT'. 19.6 HF2
ACI0103975 On a macOS system, a long type of a character key may display a choice of other charcater (for instance, type on "u", the choice is "u", "û", "ü", "ù", etc ...). Selecting one fo them may display a wrong text. 20.1
ACI0103976 4D Write Pro: Exporting a 4D Write Pro document with the upper toolbar brings an unexpected error; only with Windows system. 20
ACI0103980 After tabbing, the focus may get lost when there is only one form object of type subform in the main form 20
ACI0103984 Ruler type object form with negative minimum values doesn't display itself correctly after moving the handle in positive values. 20
ACI0103986 Values of a ruler object form may be incorrect: the first value starts at the 'step' value instead at the 'minimum' value. 20
ACI0103990 The copyright is "2022" instead of 2023 on file/package information.
ACI0103991 In 'IMPORT DATA' dialog, if you select Fixed Length Text in popup, it will cause error asking for style sheet. 20
ACI0103994 'SQL LOGIN' makes 4D application crash if iODBC Framework is not installed 20 R2 20.1
ACI0103998 Crash when quiting 4D Server while Settings dialog is open 20 19 R8 HF2
ACI0104006 Database settings must be readonly when a .4DZ is opened 20.1 HF1
ACI0104013 4D View Pro: Conversion of 'Substring' formula from 4D View to 4D View Pro returns wrong results 20.1
ACI0104022 IMAP Transporter.searchMails fails when looking for mails with long messageIDs 20
ACI0104026 Emptying the 4D Explorer trash that contains a table and a method might lead 4D application to quit unexpectedly 20 R2 20.1
ACI0104032 Unexpected error message in application event log, of Windows system, after start/quit engined single user, or client version; only in SDI mode.
ACI0104050 Unexpected error message can happen when opening application and when CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) has not the correct path ("The entry point .... is not find in the Dynamic Link Library ...") 20
ACI0104059 4D Write Pro: A page break is automatically inserted before a table if it is added to a subsection that has different horizontal margins from the following subsection 20 R2 20.1
ACI0104061 4D Write Pro: PDF export from 4D Write Pro has a bad char display compared to a printed PDF (several chars are moved on top of each other); it depends of the font. 20 R2 20.1
ACI0104081 Slowness on "Get system info" due to network drives; Windows system only. 20.1
ACI0104085 ORDA query returns Null or crashes when the 'IN' collection is empty and the query includes OR with multiple INs 20.1
ACI0104106 The First client (4D Remote) connected may crash if, in a second client connected, a method is created outside of the "Top level" folder of the Explorer. 20 R2 20.1
ACI0104148 The 'ERASE WINDOW' command changes the color of the chars from black to light gray; macOS only. 20 R2 20.1 HF1
ACI0104173 Memory corruption using 4D command 'SET ASSERT ENABLED' or global debug log. 20 R2 20.1 HF1
ACI0104191 When the 'Encrypt Client-Server Communications' option is ON, disconnection errors could occur on the '4D Remote' side after a postponed state of a process; potentially, it leads to memory corruption. 20 R2 20.1 HF1