All Products v19 R7 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0092218 Sometimes a crash occurred when you try to print a form with a PDF picture with "Print form" and "PAGE SETUP". 15.0 19.5 HF1
ACI0102894 Standard action 'Quit' executes the object method then displays the confirmation dialog, whereas it should display the dialog first. 19.4 HF1
ACI0102974 '_O_Gestalt' may crash 4D ; for instance : "$errCode:=_O_Gestalt("sync"; $v) " ; note that 4D command is an obsolete command. 19.5
ACI0103086 4D View Pro: Multipleline cells in 4D View document are converted to one line cells in 4D View Pro. 19.5
ACI0103150 In a project converted to v19, the web session management is 'none' although database settings show 'legacy' 19.5
ACI0103176 4D View Pro: Importing an excel file may return wrong numbers. 19.5
ACI0103192 In the quick reports the cross table is not filled by the fields
ACI0103197 When you click a not initialized Popup that displays an array without any elements, input fields are disabled and can no longer be entered (while you can select text). 19.4 HF1 19 R6 HF1
ACI0103207 Field name in action tab of Mobile project editor may be unexpectedly translated (according to the system localization) where it should not.
ACI0103215 Client looses connection while executing some code during the timeout before server restart. 19.5
ACI0103216 In client /server (IP configuration) tab of Settings dialog, 'OK' button becomes enabled when you click on the first column of the list
ACI0103219 On Windows, in the structure editor, the search in editor area carries out the search only for the first entered character 19.5
ACI0103236 Using the "IMAP transporter .getMails()" command to loop through a large number of emails to retrieve them, shows an "Error 200" 19.5
ACI0103238 Project will always tell that the user needs another step for WebFolder by unexpected red letters in Database settings 19.4 HF1
ACI0103242 Depending of the size, Drop down list icon may not be well displayed: 3 dots appears as it seems too narrow. 19 R6 HF1
ACI0103244 'Surrogate' character at the end of an alpha field can caused invalid character because not truncated correctly 19.4 HF1 19 R6 HF1
ACI0103245 The preview pane in the explorer doesn’t respect the style sheets for subform 19.5
ACI0103341 4D Write Pro: a Write Pro dynamic table cell with a Null state display the word "Null" instead of a blank (like a listbox).
ACI0103345 4D Write Pro: When executing 'WP COMPUTE FORMULAS' the text ranges are getting messed up; then, the command 'WP Text range' delivers wrong values. 19.5
ACI0103346 After convertion to project mode, the css style is missing in the property list of listbox , header, column and footer 19.4 HF1
ACI0103355 Performance issue appeared in v19.3 when using SQL pass-through to a 4D Server when several servers run SQL server. 19 R6 HF1 19.5
ACI0103377 Form locking is not working correctly in client-server. Doing a modification in a form may unlock unexpectedly the form for other developers. In Project mode only. 19 R6 HF1
ACI0103384 Png image incorrectly displayed after its reduction
ACI0103385 Static texts are no longer transparent after a conversion to Project mode.
ACI0103389 QR Report - Syntax error when using callback method
ACI0103392 DRAG WINDOW doesn't work proprely when windows is scalled in SDI mode
ACI0103395 4D Write Pro: irrelevant constants appear in type-ahead pop-up for the 4D command 'WP SET ATTRIBUTES' 19.5
ACI0103400 In method edition, 'CTRL' + 'mouse click' on a function doesn't open it.
ACI0103401 In Method Editor, surrogate pairs such as emoji are not highlighted correctly, there are highlighted by code point (high, low): when highlighting, half of surrogate character is highlighted. 19.5
ACI0103402 Array listboxes are not printed correctly: the columns keep getting narrower as we get down the pages
ACI0103406 4D Write Pro: Toogle show/hide references may not show computed values immediatly
ACI0103412 After converting a database from Binary mode to Project mode, due to the presence of a listbox with 'alt row BG color', others listboxes may have their color changed 19.5
ACI0103414 Unexpected runtime error when searching in the structure editor
ACI0103417 The IMAP Transporter.'checkconnection' method returns a bad result on an open connexion when the email is updated (delete or receive mails) 19 R6 HF1 19.5
ACI0103418 Passing a formula object as parameter to 'CALL WORKER' doesn't clone properly captured local variables 19 R6 HF1
ACI0103423 4D commands manipulating 'Sets' slow down when loading records from another client. 19 R6 HF1 19.5
ACI0103427 Sequential searches in ORDA are slower (up to 20 times) then using 'classic' searches (with 'QUERY' 4D command) 19.5
ACI0103430 4D Server may crash when processing many REST requests 19 R6 HF1
ACI0103434 Engined application in SDI Mode does not exit as it should : The window will closed and the application icone will be removed from task bar, but a background task, named "4D Volume Desktop", is still running (see in task manager). 19.5
ACI0103436 Text object with automatic colour appears disabled in Binary database 19.5 HF1
ACI0103440 4D may crash when '#DECLARE' is followed by a declaration of $0 by 4D commands (for instance 'C_DATE', 'C_LONGINT') ; note that it is not recommended to do so. 19 R6 HF1
ACI0103447 Rectangle object in subform may disappears on resizing the window. 19.5 HF1
ACI0103451 Since v19 R6, the client server publish name, not the structure name, is used for web legacy session cookie name 19 R6 HF2
ACI0103456 4D Mobile: the message "Not validate filter" is unexpectedly displayed when validating a filter on a remote server 19 R6 HF1
ACI0103457 On macOS 13 (Ventura), the combo box focus is wrongly drawn when its height is less than 23 19.5 19 R6 HF2
ACI0103459 Mounted network volume not recognized on macOS 13 (Ventura). 19.5
ACI0103460 'GRAPH' 4D command without legends may throw an unexpected execution error
ACI0103462 Customized date formats (or official for some regional settings, like Netherlands) may not be correct in 4D; macOS 13.x only (Ventura). 19 R8 19.5 HF1
ACI0103463 4D Write Pro: a project method associated with a link doesn't evaluate the expressions concerning the fields and tables even if the records are loaded. 19.5 19 R6 HF2
ACI0103465 Formula capture of a boolean local variable doesn't work 19 R6 HF1 19.5
ACI0103472 SVG Style don't support underline + strikethrough
ACI0103485 Orphan blobs appear in the data file when assigning an empty object to an object field stored in the data file 19.5
ACI0103487 ORDA: Unexpected Runtime Error ("Try to read beyond end of the stream") in client/server mode when assigning a blob field to a variable 19.5 HF1
ACI0103492 Unable to select and hold a static line drawn from right to left and bottom to top 19.5 HF1
ACI0103493 Floating palette type windows opened while 4D is in the background are no longer displayed when 4D is brought back to the foreground; on macOS 13 only (Ventura). 19.5 19 R6 HF2
ACI0103496 Text properties like 'fontStyle' or 'fontSize' are wrongly exported for a picture object when the database is converted into a project 19.5
ACI0103497 The title of an object with picture datasource, when converted into project mode, should get automatic text style 19.5
ACI0103498 Changing the datasource type of an object from text to picture does not reset text properties like "stroke" or font attributes. 19.5
ACI0103499 Compiler option "Type the variables" incorrectly types parameter indirection in the symbols file 19.5 HF1
ACI0103501 4D View Pro: The option 'includeBindingSource' should be activated also for the export to excel
ACI0103502 Display of image buttons in the form editor
ACI0103503 4D Write Pro: Picture exported to PDF with 4D Write Pro results in poor quality 19.5
ACI0103507 Bad optimization in queries while mixing indexed and sequential ; it brings slowness problem. 19 R6 HF2 19.5 HF1
ACI0103514 A static picture duplicated, or a pasted picture, in a form, may have a non-unique object name. This could lead to some 'lost' picture (they are still here, but can't be dispalyed) 19.5 HF2
ACI0103520 Possible deadlock with 4D Server executed as a Windows Service when connecting a 4D Remote.
ACI0103524 ORDA: Query with 'Not' null on object, not working when indexed and query Not(# null) on object not working when sequential 19.5 HF1
ACI0103526 Since using Windows 11 22H2, the print dialog cannot be used. 19.5 19 R6 HF2
ACI0103529 4D Mobile: after the update of an application the device id sent to the server is not the same 19 R6 HF2
ACI0103537 4D Write Pro: Japane fonts, used with the widget '4D Write Pro Area + Toolbar' from the obecj library, are not beautiful. 19.5 HF2
ACI0103538 REST server can return the error #401 after doing important number of requests 19.5 HF1
ACI0103542 'Execute on server' method attribute not working in compiled component running in native mode 19.5 HF1
ACI0103547 Triggers called in Client Server mode are never executed in preemptive mode
ACI0103551 When passing a date header to a HTTPRequest, the header is overwritten.
ACI0103555 Product name in properties details tab on a 4D build application 'exe' file shows "4D Volume Desktop" instead of application name. 19.5 HF1
ACI0103556 Runtime error when attempting to assign NULL to an element of an array of objects 19.5 HF1
ACI0103560 4D Write Pro: After inserting images on a 4D Write Pro page with attribute "before the text", this one is displayed in background instead of foreground. 19.5 HF1
ACI0103562 Changing type of Highlight button to 3D Button removes associated shortcut 19.5 HF1
ACI0103573 Randomly 4D may quit unexpectedly when exiting the legacy printing setting dialog ; on Windows 11 22H2 only. 19.5 HF1
ACI0103575 Calling a 4D dialog on old Windows 10 ( build < 1703) can lead to a crash. 19.5 HF1
ACI0103578 When connecting a client and a server on the same PC, and you alternate several times between starting compiled and interpreted, it may lead the client to a freeze or a crash. 19.5 HF1