All Products v19 R8 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0103153 Problem redrawing the selection area of ​​cells in a listbox after using LISTBOX SET PROPERTY(*; "List Box"; lk cell vertical padding; 10)
ACI0103225 Built-in sql command 'SELECT' doesn't convert automatically integer value into text value, while 4D ODBC Pro does 19.5 HF2
ACI0103368 Reloading entity twice will release lock dependency 19.6
ACI0103446 "Go to Definition" and "Search References" not available when right-clicking on comments
ACI0103462 Customized date formats (or official for some regional settings, like Netherlands) may not be correct in 4D; macOS 13.x only (Ventura). 19 R7 19.5 HF1
ACI0103530 4D command 'Equal pictures' returns "False" if the 2 pictures are empty
ACI0103533 Label editor: the text field in label editor has an unexpected grey background. 19 R7 HF1 19.5 HF2
ACI0103541 Quick Report: Wrong break after dragging a column in place of another; the subtotal is on the other field. 19.5 HF2
ACI0103567 The image button icons are not visible in user mode when in client-server mode we are in development mode
ACI0103570 When "Scalable sessions" option is used, 4D Compiler doesn't raise an error for non-thread-safe code used in "On Web Connection" method 19.5 HF2
ACI0103577 A query transformation of index to sequential search may generate a crash on composite index 19 R7 HF1 19.5 HF2
ACI0103579 Quick Report: if a table has invisible fields, added a field through the Quick Report dialog may select a wrong one 19 R7 HF1 19.5 HF2
ACI0103587 Alt double clicking method in quotes will not open method. Windows only 19.6
ACI0103592 Error 9850 displayed when clicking on intersection of lines in Quick report 19.6
ACI0103593 Unexpected compilation errors for ARM processor when the database has a plugin changing the global c++ locale without restoring it 19.6
ACI0103594 Several memory leaks with the 4D command 'LDAP SEARCH ALL'. 19.5 HF2
ACI0103608 Break points are not saved in Client-server binary mode when the 4D command 'CHANGE CURRENT USER' is called. 19.5 HF2
ACI0103629 "automaticAlternate" (for alternate background) generates a parsing error when used for the "alternateFill" key of a list box 19.5 HF2
ACI0103632 REST licenses is not always released correctly. 19.5 HF2
ACI0103638 4D Write Pro: After dragging the scrollbar thumb all the way down, it may happen that it unexpectedly goes all the way up (only for the first move). 19 R7 HF2
ACI0103639 While compiling, unexpected "Internal error while compiling with clang" message may appear, even after clearing compiled code. 19 R7 HF1 19.5 HF2
ACI0103642 'HTTP Request' command behaviour between v19R and v19: no XML response with v19R sometimes 19 R7 HF1
ACI0103645 On a form object tab, the baseline of the text is too low ; on macOS only 19.5 HF2
ACI0103647 Compiled application crashes at start on a M1 Mac; no problem on an Intel Mac. 19 R7 HF1
ACI0103652 Pop up menu keeps firing in the context of an 'On Getting Focus' event 19.5 HF2
ACI0103653 Since 19.5 HF1, Multi Criteria Query on indexed fields can be 400 times slower if all the data are on the cache 19 R7 HF1 19.5 HF2
ACI0103657 Input form objects with null value data source do not accept data entry on form
ACI0103658 4D crashes when transforming the operator type of image scale with the "TRANSFORM PICTURE" command
ACI0103661 4D Write Pro: The value of "WParea.modified" is changed every time the cursor is put in the text even though nothing changes in the document 19.5
ACI0103664 The 'Stop' button (a cross besides the progress bar) in the results window during a 'Find in Design' is missing ; it happens with the final 4D v19 R7 19 R7 HF1
ACI0103669 Unexpected compilation error "Couldn't find active developer tools" on M1 Mac (arm) can happen. 19 R7 HF1
ACI0103672 No error returned when a component method, set to execute in a non-preemptive mode, is called in a class function in compiled mode; client/server only. 19 R7 HF1
ACI0103673 When you quit an autoexecutable application, the application crashes just after the sponsored dialog get closed. 19.5 HF2
ACI0103679 In entity selection LISTBOX ,after selected Row with command LISTBOX SELECT ROWS, arrow keys does not select the right rows, instead of selecting the next one after the row selected initially 19.6
ACI0103681 Dialog "Failed to call xcode-select" when Xcode path contains a space character 19 R7 HF1
ACI0103683 Displaying an image in a list box cell overflows the dividing line on the right 19.5 HF2
ACI0103697 Bad interpreter evaluation of lazy operators (short-circuits) with negative numeric literal type operand. 19 R7 HF2
ACI0103708 Bad display of special characters, e.g.: accented characters ("é"), using the imap getBoxList() command 19.6
ACI0103710 4D exits unexpectedly when launching project from CLI with “--dataless” argument 19.6
ACI0103711 Border style ignored for picture inputs when the form is executed (no such problem in the form editor). 19 R7 HF2
ACI0103712 If primary key contains a comma, 4D Client crashes on call to "ds.table.get($key)" where $key contains the comma
ACI0103713 Automatic row height does not work for a dynamically added row without refreshing the listbox of type entitySelection
ACI0103717 In an array based listbox with automatic row height, after changing then content of a cell, the listbox isn't correctly redrawn
ACI0103721 The access rights aren't set properly for the camera and microphone in an embedded web area 19 R7 HF2
ACI0103723 4D View Pro: memory problem when using the commands 'VP MOVE CELLS', 'VP Copy to object' and 'VP PASTE FROM OBJECT'.
ACI0103725 A listbox is not redrawn when window is resized 20 19.6 HF1
ACI0103727 When opening a locked method, already opened by another client, you don't get any warning except the displayed lock icon
ACI0103734 REGRESSION: The ".selectBox()" command generates an error 11 (IMAP SELECT command failed) 19.6
ACI0103737 BLOBs saved with .save(dk auto merge), have 0 bytes in Client/Server mode
ACI0103740 From a method edited, 'Reveal in explorer' can freeze 4D if the explorer is not open. 19 R7 HF2
ACI0103747 Opening a trigger method with VScode may lead to a crash.
ACI0103749 Since v19 R7, database doesn't publish after rejecting and then accepting new connections. 19 R7 HF2
ACI0103751 Font 'Conduit ITC Pro Medium' has a different name on macOS and Windows
ACI0103756 Wrong font size applied on an input text after modifying it in the font dialog when using 4K resolution screen
ACI0103759 4D Write Pro: Memory leak with 'WP Get sections' that can lead to hang or crash 19.6
ACI0103768 100 (CZip) Error Code When Compressing Blob of Size 0
ACI0103785 If blobs have size greater than 0 and smaller than 100 bytes, there size is “undefined” when using entities ; Client/server mode only.
ACI0103795 The license message about "maximum concurrent users has been reached" doesn't appear on Windows platform when the client/server applications are built
ACI0103814 Resizing an existing BLOB field does not work in client/server mode if the BLOB gets smaller in size than the original was, if saved with dk auto merge 20
ACI0103825 4D server could hangs during quit when many processes was in postponed 20
ACI0103827 Connected Clients gets Disconnected after Rejecting New Connections on 4D Server. New Network Layer only (ServerNet) 20 19.6 HF1
ACI0103831 Since v19 R8, the type-ahead for variables does not work anymore 20 19 R8 HF1