All Products 20 R3 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0104023 Listbox scrolls unexpectedly to the end of the selection on drag operation. 20.2 HF1
ACI0104046 In a listbox, incorrect redrawing of cell contents when scrolling if the text in the cell contains more lines than the max line height 20.2 HF1
ACI0104047 After modifying the maximum line height via the command 'LISTBOX SET AUTO ROW HEIGHT' , if you scroll via the command 'OBJECT SET SCROLL POSITION', the scroll does not take place at the correct position 20.2 HF1
ACI0104111 Operators "+" and "-" and anything following them are unexpectedly being concatened to the first process variable (operand) when the name starts with a digit. And so, the operation is not executed ; the variable is undefined. 20 R2 HF1 20.2
ACI0104129 4D Write Pro: Unable to change the expression of an image in front of the text
ACI0104133 Default User Setting is not always saved in 4D Server or 4D Standalone mode. 20.2
ACI0104138 4D View Pro: Memory saturated after using 'VP PASTE FROM OBJECT' command in a loop 20 R2 HF1 20.2
ACI0104180 In Japanese environment, runtime error in 'On Web Connection' database method will cause an XML parse error and a corrupted Japanes text. 20.2 HF1
ACI0104204 4D.FileHandle offset starts at 1 instead of zero 20 R2 20.1 HF1
ACI0104205 4D.FileHandle.readText() reads at file start instead of current offset 20 R2 20.1 HF1
ACI0104206 4D.FileHandle.readBlob() throws an error when reading beyond the end of the file 20 R2 20.1 HF1
ACI0104207 4D.FileHandle.readBlob() returns undefined when reading at invalid offset 20 R2 20.1 HF1
ACI0104208 4D.FileHandle.readText() returns undefined when reading beyond end of file 20 R2 20.1 HF1
ACI0104210 'Get application info' does not return always the correct remote debugger session ID 20 R2 HF1
ACI0104211 Accessing a picture array from 4D Plugin SDK might lead the application to quit 20 R2 HF1 20.2
ACI0104228 By renaming a variable (not local) there is an unexpected label ("-- set by C code --" instead of "rename variable in all the database") for the checkbox that appears 20 R2 HF1 20.2
ACI0104250 TLS is displayed unexpectedly as inactive in the server administration window when using QUIC
ACI0104251 'HTTP Request' takes about 2 min to finish when keep-alive option is enabled and response has status code 204 (No content/body) 20.1 HF1
ACI0104253 In listbox with "automatic rows height" and with a large volume of data displayed, the scroll becomes unusable 20 R2 HF1 20.2
ACI0104270 FileHandle .readLine() command skips the first line 20 R2 20.1 HF1
ACI0104273 Printing process is waiting for a another process. When a 4D process is aborted or stop from the debugger while a print job is started, 4D continues to consider the process to have an open printing job 20.1 HF1
ACI0104276 The problem involves issues with accessing and editing code in the application C/S mode during development in 4D v20 on macOS. It can result in empty methods and/or frozen windows. 20.2 HF1
ACI0104278 The 'editChange' action is not triggered when tabbing from one cell to another. 20.1 HF1
ACI0104279 Slow document import in zone 4D View Pro if it contains formatters with "@" character. 20.1 HF1
ACI0104284 'LOG FILE TO JSON' with a an empty Logfile generate a not valid JSON (message "[" instead of "[]") 20.2
ACI0104285 In method editor, an array type is displayed incorrectly in a Help Tip that appears when hover it. 20.2
ACI0104287 On Windows, 4D commands 'CONFIRM' and 'ALERT' may truncate a displayed text. 20.2
ACI0104290 Current process debug log without bit 4 (16) may crash on any plugin call 20.2
ACI0104295 Filehandle.readLine() does not read to the end of the file if there is no breaks in the text 20.1 HF1
ACI0104300 Changing value in the Shortcuts part of Preferences dialog leads to an unexpected error.
ACI0104302 FileHandle eof is set to true with fopen("write"). It should be false 20 R2 20.1 HF1
ACI0104307 User Class computed attribute returns error -10754 (Context language missing...) when the class is passed as parameter to 20.2
ACI0104310 Window type 'Movable form dialog box' has no close box on macOS only when the form has fixed width/height 20.1 HF1
ACI0104327 Compilation error: 'cannot make an assignment with those types'. when trying to assign a pointer to an entity-attribute
ACI0104329 FileHandle readText() issue with a file with BOM, which causes JSON Parse failure 20 R2 HF1 20.2
ACI0104337 In the method editor : when trying to type a Japanese text that contains a dakuten in Half Width Katakana, the position of the cursor is not consistent; when deleting a certain text, a different text is deleted. 19.7 HF1 20.2 HF1
ACI0104338 Function parameters at the bottom of the code editor missing
ACI0104352 Errors thrown when starting 4D
ACI0104360 'Compile Project' command (with "path to current file.project" or "external project file") doesn't compile successfully but returns a success and a wrong error message; if you have ORDA .save() in code but Compile Project() works fine. 20.2 HF1
ACI0104365 'PRINT LABEL' command may print unexpectedly only 1 label per page in compiled mode (Windows system Only). 20 R2 HF2 20.2 HF1
ACI0104366 4D application quits unexpectedly when sorting by relation attribute and object attribute 20.2 HF1
ACI0104369 4D View Pro: Assigning a format of type "Currency" using the format dialog manually in French and German language has a separator at the wrong position, e.g. "495,00. €" (see the dot after the last "0") 20 R2 HF1 20.2
ACI0104370 When two 4Ds are launched on a same machine, automatic incrementation of WebAdmin ports are not taken into account when calling the 'DataExplorer'; the URL retains the ' Default Settings' port. 20 R2 HF1 20.2
ACI0104381 Depending of the scale display (Windows system option), picture pop-up menus are too small on windows high dpi. 20 R2 HF2 20.2 HF1
ACI0104384 'Create deployment license (mergedApp ; buildLicense ; oemLicense)' works fine for built OEM server even if "buildLicense" isn't an OEM license. 20.2 HF1
ACI0104386 Unexpected error #404 for QODLY web pages served by an engined server or a compiled database
ACI0104387 4D Write Pro: Depending of HTML text, it may crash 4D Write Pro when opening it. 20.2 HF1
ACI0104388 Listbox column bound to a list with multistyle will show <span tags> when entering and quit cell 19.7 HF1 20.2 HF1
ACI0104397 Object literal syntax generates a syntax error at the property name level 20.2
ACI0104400 After exporting to Project mode, invisible button with automatic Splitter action may missing its "Pusher" property. 19.7 HF1 20 R2 HF2 20.2 HF1
ACI0104404 Duplicate font listed in the font list of the property list in Windows
ACI0104409 'OBJECT SET ENTERABLE' doesn't disable properly a check box form object. 20 R2 HF2 20.2 HF1
ACI0104410 Bad result on dataClass.query with null at the end of the criteria string 20 R2 HF1 20.2
ACI0104411 Maximizing a window with a form containing a 'max width' and a 'max height' values may work with a wrong value of 'max width'. 20.2 HF1
ACI0104415 After Maximizing and Minimizing a window in SDI mode, the restoring button doesn't restore the window at its previous position. 20.2 HF1 20 R3 HF1
ACI0104418 Using "ObjectTools" v5.1r1 plugin, the command 'OT GetPointer' fails when ran in compiled mode. 20 R2 HF2 20.2 HF1
ACI0104419 'Create deployment license (mergedApp ; buildLicense ; oemLicense)' works fine for built OEM server even if "buildLicense" is an OEM License with a 'timebomb'. 20.2 HF1
ACI0104426 A reference to pointer might be lost when passed to a component when this done in a process that has been created and killed several millions times 20.2 HF1 19.7 HF2
ACI0104432 The 'queryPath' is invalid when performing joins with at least 3 level of "AND" and "OR" imbrications. 20 R2 HF2 20.2 HF1
ACI0104441 4D quits unexpectedly after trying to display a listbox which properties are computed by a class object 20.2 HF1
ACI0104442 Text of buttons are right-aligned after a conversion to project mode. 20.2 HF1
ACI0104261 4D Server crashes in the SSL layer when refreshing the Qodly Studio page