All Products v20 - Fixed bugs

Reference Summary Fixed also with
ACI0098702 Changing the "Import from line" field in the import window resets the preferences already selected.
ACI0101476 Logical error window displayed behind instead of front Server (or 4D Explorer windows for 4D Standalone) when data contains duplicated keys not conform to structure definition. 19.6 HF1
ACI0101896 A component that has an empty folder called "enl.lproj" in its "Resources" folder, makes the 4D host database quit unexpectedly
ACI0102400 "Collection[0]" expression is assignable in a method but becomes non-assignable in a form 19.6 HF2
ACI0102580 4D Write Pro: In the toolbar of the widget, help tip lexical problem in french Localization ("Insertions et vues" tab, "evaluer les expressions" button) 19.7
ACI0103554 4D Server running as service does not restart 19.6 HF1
ACI0103676 "Get license info" returns incorrect information about the number of connected clients in the configuration of several running services 19.6 HF2
ACI0103692 help tip message for Super() command displays "xliff:desc1705" 19.6
ACI0103709 Form properties palette: Tabbing in the listbox may place the cursor in the wrong cell.
ACI0103716 Using a collection/entityselection or a selection listbox doesn't preserve the undo (CTRL + "z"), whereas it works with an array listbox or a variable. 19.6 HF1
ACI0103725 A listbox is not redrawn when window is resized 19 R8 19.6 HF1
ACI0103732 "Web Client IP address to listen" option is reset after calling 'SET DATABASE PARAMETER' to set the option '4D Remote mode timeout' 19.6 HF1
ACI0103748 If a field does not map NULL values to blank, a brand new entity in a list box does not save its value 20 R2
ACI0103774 4D Write Pro: Variant are not correctly interpreted in 4D Write Pro tables 19 R8 HF1
ACI0103776 The display of a keyboard shortcut for a menu item defined by programming may be incorrect (e.g.: for "cmd #" we may see "cmd 3"). It depends on system localization, the keyboard, and the character chosen for the shortcut. 19.6 HF1 19 R8 HF1
ACI0103780 In 4D v19 or upper, incorrect format handling of the SVG viewer: it returns an unexpected error #1. 19.6 HF1
ACI0103782 Compiling a component: application Name field too narrow
ACI0103784 QR SET SELECTION seems to select a column internally but does not display it as selected column
ACI0103787 A call to 'FILTER KEYSTROKE("")' removes the selection of characters 19.6 HF1 19 R8 HF1
ACI0103790 Unicode inside "Begin/End SQL" block throws compiler error; on Windows system only 19.6 HF2
ACI0103796 Text of a button: vertical alignment
ACI0103800 Incorrect 'type' name can appear ('Application Server' instead of 'Application process') in the Administration window type column. 19.6 HF1
ACI0103804 4D Server blocks during executing the 'RESTART 4D' command. 19.6 HF1
ACI0103808 Truncated display of the content of listbox cells if the column is in automatic rows height and the listbox has vertical padding and a maximum number of lines lower than the number of lines in the cell
ACI0103814 Resizing an existing BLOB field does not work in client/server mode if the BLOB gets smaller in size than the original was, if saved with dk auto merge 19 R8
ACI0103817 In the 'Settings' dialog, English link does not open documentation page; it leads to a “Page not found” result. 19.6 HF2
ACI0103825 4D server could hangs during quit when many processes was in postponed 19 R8
ACI0103827 Connected Clients gets Disconnected after Rejecting New Connections on 4D Server. New Network Layer only (ServerNet) 19 R8 19.6 HF1
ACI0103829 Right-click 'Goto definition' on the name of a method that is selected and is in a comment no longer opens the method. 19 R8 HF2
ACI0103831 Since v19 R8, the type-ahead for variables does not work anymore 19 R8 HF1
ACI0103832 Unable, on macOS, to connect to Sybase, using freeTDS ODBC driver with 4D, 19.6 HF2
ACI0103841 TEXT TO DOCUMENT Encoding Error Not Detected
ACI0103848 In a cell of object array listbox with dropdown, if you select value with keyboard the 'On data change' event isn't called
ACI0103858 In SDI mode, windows are not opened at their previous position after being closed. 19 R8 HF1
ACI0103866 Client crashes immediately after connecting to the server if at the level of the structure names of some links are identical
ACI0103877 Mac engined client can't connected to engined server if the network layer QUIC is actived
ACI0103878 does not use certificate
ACI0103879 Type ahead does not work for attributes that start with underscore
ACI0103880 Help tips list (in Properties palette) may not be always updated properly in layout editor. 19.6 HF2
ACI0103881 Structure's database: first attempt to zoom in raises an error
ACI0103882 Explorer - Fields - Not possible to sort by column
ACI0103884 By opening a database through the MSC, indexes are not detected. 19 R8 HF2 19.7
ACI0103886 Using the command 'MAIL Convert from MIME', the property bodyValues may be missing in the eml file. 19.6 HF2
ACI0103887 Picture Buttons have different horizontal alignment as default
ACI0103888 Unexpected error when launching 4D on Windows server 2012 R2 and 2016 ("The procedure entry point SetThreadDescription could not be located in the dynamic link 'C:\Users\....\4D\Kernel.dll' ") 19 R8 HF1 19.6 HF2
ACI0103889 Calling the toolbox from a form (through Properties palette) should not mark the form as modified. 19.6 HF2
ACI0103898 In a listbox array, 'On Clicked' event is unexpectedly called when moving a row 19 R8 HF1
ACI0103900 New collection methods not recognised
ACI0103901 4D Write Pro: 4D quits unexpectedly when converting an SVG to a PDF on MacOS with 'WP EXPORT DOCUMENT' 19 R8 HF1
ACI0103902 Window type 8 behaves differently in V20 on Windows (can switch to the parent window)
ACI0103907 Tab completion does not work in an existing var declaration
ACI0103908 Entering a Real constant value in the method editor displays a list of macros
ACI0103909 Typing "#dec" make the auto-completin works wrong: choosing #DECLARE from the list results in ##DECLARE. No problem if typing "#de" or "#decl".
ACI0103910 Tab no longer fixes case on variable names
ACI0103919 When a new row is added dynamically to an entitySelection-listbox, the new row is displayed with height 0 instead of an automatic height (no problem when refreshed the listbox). Same thing when updating an existing cell with a larger content. 19 R8 HF2
ACI0103924 Using client/server encryption downgrades the web server ssl notation 19.6 HF2
ACI0103925 4D Write Pro: the command 'WP PRINT' may crash. 19.6 HF2
ACI0103928 Unexpected error #2 when doing a Login LDAP a second time (using parameter "LDAP password plain text"). 20 R2 19.7
ACI0103929 Type Ahead broken
ACI0103933 On macOS, when iODBC framework is not installed, 'SQL GET DATA SOURCE LIST' command returns an internal error (array of null size). 19.6 HF2
ACI0103934 Applying styled text can get wrong because of nested spans; with multiple styles, some can override others. 19 R8 HF2
ACI0103935 4D may crash unexpectedly when using the 4D command 'QR BLOB TO REPORT'. 19 R8 HF2
ACI0103944 4D Write Pro: Unxpected error #108 when using the "Find" page of the 4D Write Pro toolbar (top) in a sub form. 19.7
ACI0103948 Calling 'ds' (datastore) in a worker from Startup Server leads the application to quit unexpectedly 19 R8 HF1
ACI0103949 Buttons do not display focus highlight on Windows
ACI0103951 When button style is not regular and default button is true, the style is ignored and defaults to regular
ACI0103955 4D Write Pro: 4D Server, as a Windows service, doesn't print with 'WP PRINT' 19 R8 HF2
ACI0103956 In Listbox array with automatic row height, bad redraw of horizontal lines after modifying cell content
ACI0103957 4D returns wrong result when querying on an existing entity selection with a null related entity
ACI0103960 Compilation error "Attempting to retype by using a pointer or a variant" when mixing 2 types for a parameter. Example: "CALL WORKER(Is compiled mode ? 1 : "P2"; Formula(MyMethod))"
ACI0103967 OBJECT SET FORMAT do not align always the text button as in v19
ACI0103971 4D View Pro: it always displays a dot as decimal when using the numeric pad 20.1 HF1 20 R2 HF1
ACI0103976 4D Write Pro: Exporting a 4D Write Pro document with the upper toolbar brings an unexpected error; only with Windows system. 19.7
ACI0103980 After tabbing, the focus may get lost when there is only one form object of type subform in the main form 19.7
ACI0103984 Ruler type object form with negative minimum values doesn't display itself correctly after moving the handle in positive values. 19.7
ACI0103985 Select only one row of a listbox doesn't work within a selection of rows 19 R8 HF2
ACI0103986 Values of a ruler object form may be incorrect: the first value starts at the 'step' value instead at the 'minimum' value. 19.7
ACI0103991 In 'IMPORT DATA' dialog, if you select Fixed Length Text in popup, it will cause error asking for style sheet. 19.7
ACI0103993 Type ahead for table name is broken
ACI0103998 Crash when quiting 4D Server while Settings dialog is open 19 R8 HF2 19.7
ACI0104007 Wrong rows height in an listbox array after using the 4D command 'LISTBOX SET AUTO ROW HEIGHT'. 20 R2
ACI0104022 IMAP Transporter.searchMails fails when looking for mails with long messageIDs 19.7
ACI0104039 Tri State Checkboxes not working correctly in project mode 20 R2
ACI0104042 4D.SystemWorker.errors is undefined when the doc states : "If no error occured, .errors contains an empty collection."
ACI0104050 Unexpected error message can happen when opening application and when CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) has not the correct path ("The entry point .... is not find in the Dynamic Link Library ...") 19.7